We’ve spent years filming elite players, documenting their amazing techniques, and using that experience to help the rest of us get a better handle on our instruments.

Cracking the Code’s pioneering use of slow-motion video to film world-class players was the first systematic attempt to understand and categorize the different picking motions great players make.  The footage we’ve captured with our high-speed cameras provides a rare and unprecedented look at how technique really works at the upper levels of mastery.  We’ve augmented that fieldwork with conversations with researchers in related disciplines like motor learning, biomechanics, and psychology, to help understand how that mastery is acquired and maintained.

Our interviews contain thousands of real-world examples of technique in action, along with clip pages featuring slow motion video, live Soundslice tablature, and downloadable tablature files.

For conclusions and practical advice built on what we’ve learned here, be sure and check out The Pickslanting Primer.

Albert Lee

An unguarded conversation with a country guitar legend


Andy Wood

Going mando and electro with a multi-instrumentalist wizard


Andy Wood Acoustic

A closeup look at multi-instrument mechanics and bluegrass standards


Andy Wood Workshop

A hands-on plectrum practicum on three instruments with a bluegrass and rock master


Ben Givan

Musicology of Django and Gypsy Jazz


Bill Hall

Acoustic and electric performer Bill Hall delivers multi-mechanic virtuosity


Brendon Small

Talking riffs and media with the Metalocalypse and Galaktikon polymath


Carl Miner 2007

Sitting down with a winner of America's premier bluegrass flat pick competition


Carl Miner 2015

Getting to the bottom of Carl's incredible crosspicking technique


César Garabini

Discover the beauty and groove of Brazilian choro guitar


David Grier

The spellbinding artistry of a flatpick wizard


David Grier 2019

Songwriting and speed with the bluegrass master


Ellen Winner

Musical Learning and Prodigy


Frank Gambale

Cracking the Code sits down with a technique pioneer


Jimmy Bruno

An economy picking workout with a bop master


Joe Stump

At the famed Berklee College of Music, Professor Joe Stump's major is clearly minor


Joscho Stephan

A closeup investigation of elite-level Gypsy Jazz technique



A snapshot of guitar greatness in the making


Marshall Harrison

A closeup look at Marshall's blazing swybrid innovations


Martin Miller

Face-melting fusion with a modern master


Martin Miller Mechanics Workshop

Two nerds try to decipher Martin's spectacular picking technique – and one of them is Martin!


Martin Miller Through the Changes

"Playing Through The Changes" explores Martin's improvisational chops


Marty Friedman

Up close with one of the most recognizable techniques in metal


Michael Angelo Batio 2007

Two-way pickslanting and swiping with a shred icon


Michael Angelo Batio 2017

The inimitable MAB stops by the Cracking the Code studio


Mika Tyyskä

Exploring songs, sights, and sound with a multimedia pioneer


Mike Stern

A jazz legend shares a wealth of improvisational inspiration


Molly Tuttle

Cracking the Code sits down with the 2017 IBMA Guitarist of the Year


Noa Kageyama

Performance and Practice Strategy


Olli Soikkeli

Jazz age style meets space age technique with a swing master


Oz Noy

Talking harmony and mechanics with an endlessly inventive stylist


Pietro Mazzoni

Science of Motor Learning


Siv Lie

Gypsy History and Musical Tradition


Steve Morse

A fusion pioneer shares his legendary crosspicking technique


Strunz and Farah

Hypnotic harmonies and blazing leads with the trailblazing world music duo


Teemu Mäntysaari

Battle-tested pickslanting insights for the modern metal lead player


Teemu Mäntysaari Live 2018

Talking technique, teaching, and gear with the Wintersun maestro


Terry Syrek

An elite guitarist's struggle with focal dystonia


Wim Den Herder

Exploring the intersction of mechanics, creativity, and learning