Bill Hall

Acoustic and electric performer Bill Hall delivers multi-mechanic virtuosity.

We sat down with Bill ostensibly to discuss his use of elbow motion as a cornerstone of his technique. But what we discovered instead was an unexpectedly diverse array of motions. Effortless Vinnie Moore-style scalar flow? Check. High-speed Yngwie-style pedal tone lines? Also check. Blazing Eric Johnson pentatonic sequences with sweeping? Those too!

Just as engaging as Bill’s playing are his stories about learning all these techniques in an era before the internet. Gleaning scraps of actionable advice from magazines, teachers, and local players in the hopes that some of it would click was practically a treasure hunt.

No matter whether you’ve just begun your guitar journey, or if you’ve been playing for long enough to have unboxed your own Atari, Bill’s impressive array of techniques and infectious enthusiasm for developing them will bring out the wide-eyed beginner in everyone.


Bill Hall Interview