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Cracking the Code has transformed the way guitarists learn technique. Through discoveries like pickslanting, and our groundbreaking slow-motion interviews with elite players, we've revealed playing techniques that had been hiding in plain sight for decades. And our in-depth seminars and lessons make those techniques accessible to everyone.

With Cracking the Code membership, you'll gain access to one of the most extensive collections of musical technique analysis ever assembled: dozens of hours of interviews and lessons, over a thousand slow-motion musical examples, live broadcasts, our forum, and more.

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The Frank Gambale interview is here!

Cracking the code sits down with the sweep pioneer


What is two-way pickslanting, and how does it work?

Updating our knowledge of this powerful Cracking the Code subject


The Mika Tyyskä interview is here!

An inspiring conversation with a consummate songwriter and multimedia pioneer


Molly Tuttle's Amazing Freightliner Precision

Watching her switch effortlessly between rhythm comping and high-velocity single-note lead lines is like listening to at least two guitarists at once


The Andy Wood Acoustic interview is here!

Round two of Andy Wood's multi-instrumental magic


Recent Live Events

Crosspicking With The Wrist And Forearm

A solid hands-on overview of how compound movements work and how to use them


Crosspicking With The Wrist

Demystifying a powerful and deceptively simple arpeggio playing technique


Talking the Code with Andy Wood Session 2

Live Q&A session with Andy for Masters in Mechanics and interview purchasers


Andy Wood Acoustic Workshop

Unraveling Andy Wood's flat pick mastery on both guitar and mandolin


Talking the Code with Andy Wood Session 1

Live Q&A session with Andy for Masters in Mechanics and interview purchasers