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Cracking the Code has transformed the way guitarists learn technique. Through discoveries like pickslanting, and our groundbreaking slow-motion interviews with elite players, we've revealed playing techniques that had been hiding in plain sight for decades. And our in-depth seminars and lessons make those techniques accessible to everyone.

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Picks and Abrasion

Your favorite pick might wear away - here's what happens to the Jazz III when it does!


Tackling Bebop With John McLaughlin's Picking Motion

Can you really play convincing jazz with a simple downstroke-escape picking motion?


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What is practice, and how much of it do the players we interview really do?


Teach Me How To Eddie!

Getting the hang of Eddie Van Halen's amazing forearm rotation tremolo motion


The Pickslanting Primer, Now With 100% More Grip!

A new Pickslanting Primer section addresses the stealthily sophisticated topic of pick grip


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Teemu Mäntysaari Live 2018 Interview


Mika Tyyska Live Workshop

Talking shop with a consummate songwriter and improviser


Crosspicking With The Wrist And Forearm

A solid hands-on overview of how compound movements work and how to use them


Crosspicking With The Wrist

Demystifying a powerful and deceptively simple arpeggio playing technique


Talking the Code with Andy Wood Session 2

Live Q&A session with Andy for Masters in Mechanics and interview purchasers