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The first thing we suggest doing is going through the Pickslanting Primer — this contains all our introductory tutorial on picks and grip, picking motions, and the techniques used by players like Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, John McLaughlin, and more:

Pickslanting Primer

Cracking the Code's guide to learning picking motions


To learn more about how the site works, head to our Help Center at any time — this has info on navigating the site, video timeline features, and the interactive Soundslice notation player.

It also covers how we use the Cracking the Code Forum, including how to get personalized feedback using the “Technique Critique” section and sharing video of your playing:

Cracking the Code Help Center


Speaking of the forum, we suggest heading over to take a look and introduce yourself!

It’s an awesome resource for technique questions, and discussion on all things music and mechanics. We have a lot of great discussions here — try searching for something you want to talk about, or creating a new topic of your own.

Cracking the Code Forum


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