Noa Kageyama

In our interview with Juilliard’s Dr. Noa Kageyama, the famed conservatory’s in-house expert on performance psychology and optimal practice habits, we learned about what you can do to objectively assess your strengths and weaknesses, and focus practice efforts accordingly.


Chapter 1 - Early Education of a Future Elite Violinist


Chapter 2 - The Juilliard Experience


Chapter 3 - Falling Into Performance Psychology


Chapter 4 - Rethinking Practice Habits


Chapter 5 - Mysteries of Violin Intonation


Chapter 6 - What Causes Performance Anxiety?


Chapter 7 - Only Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect


Chapter 8 - Why Random Practice Works So Well


Chapter 9 - Evaluate Your Mental Strengths and Weaknesses


Chapter 10 - Becoming a Bulletproof Musician


Chapter 11 - Coda - Technical Innovations for Paganini