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Magnet Update! Getting A Grip On Grips

By News 6 Comments

We’re back with another update on our progress with the Magnet. The photo above is our latest production sample that includes a few stealthy but important improvements.

If you look closely from the side, you may be able to spot a subtle tweak we made to the “tool”, or mold, between our last update and this one. See if you can spot it:

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Pickslanting Primer Update: Crack the Code Of Your Own Picking Technique!

By News 11 Comments

One of the most common requests we get at Cracking the Code is to help players identify which picking motion they’re using. In this most recent update to the Pickslanting Primer, we’ve leveraged our years of experience in studying expert players to put together what is probably the most detailed guide ever produced for figuring out which picking motion you’re using.

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