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Supporting Black Lives and COVID Relief through GiveDirectly

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At Cracking the Code, we believe that persistent inequality affecting communities of color in this country is systemic, owing to racism both explicit and implicit, even 150 years after the abolition of slavery. We wanted to make a donation in support of the Black Lives Matter protests, but many of the most prominent charities and bail funds are flush with cash, and some are no longer accepting donations. Not a bad thing!

So we decided to go the other way, and see if we can get some cash into the hands of families of color who need it most right now. So for the week starting on Juneteenth, or Friday June 19th, we’ll be donating all revenue from our store to GiveDirectly, a very cool online platform that facilitates electronic cash payments directly to needy individuals.

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Songwriting and Speed With David Grier

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The amazing David Grier returned to Cracking the Code for a second meeting, and that interview is now live on the platform! At just over an hour, it contains 31 musical examples, including a handful of David’s trademark beautiful full-song playthroughs. It was an awesome conversation on a sunny summer day where we learned some fascinating things about his creative and mechanical process. This includes a valuable peek into David’s higher-speed mechanics that we didn’t get the first time around.

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Albert Lee's Amazing Wrist

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Our Cracking the Code interview with the legendary Albert Lee is a great example of why it’s important to go out and gather raw data with an open mind. You can only really see what you know, and at the time we did this interview, we “knew” what downward pickslanting was — or at least, we thought we did.

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