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Unleash Extreme Wrist Picking Speed

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I don’t have special genetics for fast picking. I was never unusually good at video games or sports requiring elite hand-eye coordination. And I couldn’t play at these tempos until I figured out the concepts and techniques you’ll learn in this lesson. In fact, my primary skill is being NOT GOOD at stuff, but realizing there’s usually a trick to it that can be figured out with critical thinking and enough trial and error.

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Unlock the Rock!  Introducing Metronomic Rock DSX

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Cracking The Code seminars take a leap forward with Metronomic Rock, a new instructional series hosted by the amazing Tommaso “Tommo” Tufarelli on the Cracking the Code team. Metronomic Rock is an homage to a time when hair was big, string skips were bigger, and guitar heroes subdivided the beat with metronomic precision!  In this first installment of the series, Tommo pulls back the curtain on one of the most popular escape motions of all time:  DSX Motion.

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Is your picking technique really working? Here's how to tell

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It’s easy to assume that your playing is sloppy, slow, or fatiguing because you haven’t put in enough practice time. But what if the real reason is that you’re simply doing it wrong? How can you tell the difference?

In our latest update to the Pickslanting Primer, “Choosing A Technique”, we address the critical issue of evaluating the performance of the technique you’re currently using — or the one you’re trying to learn. This update arrives alongside a large batch of additional lessons and usability improvements that we’ve been rolling out in pieces over the last several months.

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