Ellen Winner

We sat down with Dr. Ellen Winner to talk about the science behind musical learning and prodigy.

Dr. Ellen Winner is Director of the Arts and Mind Lab at Boston College, and author of the book Gifted Children: Myths And Realities. She studies cognition and psychology in the arts, with a special focus on the development of creative talent in gifted children.

This wide-ranging discussion touches on prodigy learning, creative cognition, brain development, and music education, and a host of other fascinating topics.


Chapter 1 - Rage to Master


Chapter 2 - Deliberate Practice


Chapter 3 - Gifted And Talented


Chapter 4 - The Brains of Musicians


Chapter 5 - The Arts and Mind Lab


Chapter 6 - Hearing vs. Playing


Chapter 7 - The Value of Music Education


Chapter 8 - Arts Education Across Cultures