David Grier 2019

With an immediately recognizable voice that resounds through his signature arrangements of traditional tunes and original compositions alike, you always know when you’re listening to David.

And this is true even as that voice changes with different arrangements of the same song. In our latest meeting, we play four versions of the Monroe standard “Wheel Hoss” at various tempos, from a leisurely 180bpm eighth notes all the way to a blazing 300bpm. As the velocity increases, David’s arrangements become subtly more streamlined.

For his medium speed arrangements, he employs a double escape picking motion that enables intricate crosspicked sequences.  At higher speeds, his technique expands to include single-escape motions, letting him hit the gas pedal on more linear lines.  His trademark four- and five-string contrapuntal leaps are still present, but connected by a blazing fast lane of scalar playing.

In the complete talk, we also touch on topics in songwriting, practice, improvisation, and cap it off by playing through a pair of stunning new compositions from his latest album.

The one-hour interview includes 31 examples with tablature.


David Grier 2019