Cascade is an incredible six-hour exploration of the ethereal guitar genius of Eric Johnson. In the seminar, we unlock the magic of Eric’s downward pickslanting system, the source of his legendary precision for blazing pentatonic lines.

Through an exhaustive examination of historical footage, we deconstruct all the classic elements of the EJ sound: cascading multi-position phrases, arpeggios, right-hand harmonics, mixolydian lines, the “bounce technique”, and more.


Chapter 1 - Introduction


Chapter 2 - Pickslanting


Chapter 3 - The EJ Atom


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Pentatonic Chunk


Pentatonic Chunk - Lower


Pentatonic Chunk - Lower - Asc


Pentatonic Chunk - Upper


Pentatonic Chunk - Upper - Asc


Pentatonic Legato


Zap Ascending Fours


Chapter 4 - Atomic String Tracking


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Pentatonic Box - Asc


Pentatonic Box - Desc


Pentatonic Double Connection


Pentatonic Landmarks


Chapter 5 - Cascading Triplets


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Pentatonic Sixes - Asc


Pentatonic Sixes - Desc


Pentatonic Triplet Chunks


Chapter 6 - The Mystery of Fives


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Fives Chunk


Fives Stringhopping


Chapter 7 - The Fives Mechanic


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Fives - Asc


Fives - Desc


Fives Chunk


Fives Connected


Fives Turnaround


Pentatonic Sweep Triplet


Sweep Five Chunk


Chapter 8 - Classic Fives


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Classic Fives - No Pickup


Pentatonic Anchor


Pentatonic Barre


Chapter 9 - Pentatonic Pickups


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Classic Fives


Chapter 10 - Pickup Variations


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Fifth Position Pickup


Maj7 Pickup


Melodic Legato Pickup


Chapter 11 - The Legato Turnaround


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Legato Turnaround


Legato Turnaround Exercise


Chapter 12 - Rolling Threes


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Rolling Threes


Rolling Threes 2str


Rolling Threes and Fives


Rolling Threes Blues


Rolling Threes Triplets


Chapter 13 - Melodic Mode


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Bounce Arp 6str


Bounce Arp 6str - Lower Chunk


Bounce Arp 6str - Upper Chunk


Bounce Tenth - Am 5str


Bounce Tenth - Am 6str


Bounce Tenth - Amaj 5str


Bounce Tenth - Amaj 6str


I-V-I Signature


Melodic Mode


Sweep Arp 6str


Sweep Arp 6str - Lower Chunk


Sweep Arp 6str - Upper Chunk


V-I Signature


V-I Signature Sweep


Chapter 14 - Stringhopping Mechanics


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Stringhopping Arp - Alternate


Stringhopping Arp - Downstrokes


Stringhopping Arp - Upstrokes


Stringhopping Scale


Chapter 15 - Cliffhopping


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Cliffs Lower Steps


Cliffs Upper Steps


Pentatonic Sweep Triplet


Chapter 16 - Pentatonic Muting


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Classic Fives


Open Box Pentatonic


Open Box Pentatonic Anchor


Three Dampers


Chapter 17 - Mixolydian Mode


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Cliffs Mixolydian


Cliffs Mixolydian Bounce


Mixolydian 3oct Sequence - Asc


Mixolydian 3oct Sequence - Asc-Desc


Mixolydian 3oct Sequence - Desc


Mixolydian Box


Mixolydian Medley


Pentatonic Sweep Triplet


Sitar Blues


Chapter 18 - Hidden Hops


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Bounce Fives


Bounce Fives Chunk


TG's Bounce


Chapter 19 - Total Electric Guitar


Chapter 20 - The Fine Art of Guitar


Chapter 21 - What is the Bounce?


Chapter 22 - Skip Fives


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Classic Fives


Skip Fives - Bounce


Skip Fives - Legato


Skip Fives - Rest Stroke


Chapter 23 - Pentatonic Position I


Chapter 24 - Pentatonic Position V


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Pentatonic Position V


Chapter 25 - Pentatonic Position IV


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Pentatonic Position IV


Chapter 26 - Pentatonic Position III


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Pentatonic Position III


Chapter 27 - Pentatonic Position II


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Pentatonic Position II


Chapter 28 - Cliff Cascade


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Cliffs 2-1 Cascade


Cliffs 2-1 Cascade Slide Connection


Cliffs Blues


Cliffs Cascade


Cliffs Motif


Open Box Pentatonic Anchor


Pentatonic Sweep Triplet


Chapter 29 - Western Flyer Cascade


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Slide Shift


Split Shift


Straight Shift


Sweep Slide Shift


Western Flyer Cascade


Chapter 30 - Flyer Five Cascade


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Flyer Five Cascade


Legato Shift


Chapter 31 - Tears Cascade


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3rd Position Motif


3rd Position Motif - Stair Step


3rd Position Motif - Stripped


Five-Note Turnaround


Tears 2-1 Cascade


Tears Cascade




Up-Legato-Up Sweep


Chapter 32 - Harmonic Arpeggio


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Harmonic Arpeggio


Harmonic Arpeggio Min9


Harmonic Straight Arpeggio


Pentatonic Position II


Chapter 33 - Harmonic Mechanics


Chapter 34 - Arpeggio Variations


Chapter 35 - Cliffs Conclusion


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EJ Freestyle Cascade


Stair Step Arpeggio