The Magnet lets you use your phone to capture slow motion video of your guitar playing, and reveal movements that flash by in only fractions of a second.

It’s the universal challenge of the studying guitar player: understanding your problem spots, and fixing them. We all know the drill: you play something slowly a million times, then speed it up. But sometimes, you can feel that it’s still not right, and you can’t figure out why.

What if there was a way to see what’s really going on?


Our Kickstarter campaign did not reach its funding goal, but it was a great learning experience and brought in $20,000 of pledges. Next time we’ll add a zero to that — but in the meantime you can make your own.

Read more in our blog post, and get DIY instructions for the Magnet here:

Watch the Magnet in Action

Here’s our descending sevens lick from the Magnet Kickstarter video shoot!

Clever Clamp

The Magnet mounts to your guitar in a way no other camera mount ever has. Simply snap the jaws, and drop in your phone, to film a perfectly centered, lit, and focused view of your playing. It’s compact, highly adjustable, and super easy to use.


Capture the Moment

Modern smartphones shoot at super-high frame rates, enabling butter-smooth slow motion video. With 4-8x slowdown superpowers, you can play back blazing licks in bullet time — close-up, with all six strings in frame, so you can see exactly how you’re playing.

Designed Around Your Phone

Your phone is the greatest guitar camera ever made. It’s thin, has tons of storage and long battery life, and even a built-in light! All you need, in one tiny package. And with the optional GoPro adapter, you can even film both hands at the same time.

IMG_0008 - magnet face on video playing - 3000x2000

Get Magnetized!


Want a Magnet?

We’re not currently offering them for sale — but we’ve made it possible for you to get one anyway.

Click below for a set of DIY instructions that will show you how to make one of your own, for around $150–200 plus a bit of elbow grease.

You can grab the instructions for as little as $5, but if you’d like to toss us a few more bucks for the effort, you’re welcome to — we’ve made the pricing flexible. (Thanks!)

In the PDF, you’ll find links to order the body of the Magnet (and GoPro adapter) via Shapeways, a parts list with links to the materials you’ll need, and full assembly instructions.

If you decide to tackle this DIY project, we’d love to see the footage you capture!

Get Magnet DIY Instructions