The Magnet: Smartphone Camera Mount For Guitar

Introducing the Magnet, the camera mount that lets you use your phone to capture slow motion video of your picking, revealing movements that flash by in only fractions of a second.

Just Got Your Magnet?

Awesome! Let’s get you up and running:

What Is The Magnet?

What It Reveals

The Magnet will show you what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong — basically, x-ray vision for your picking technique.

Elite picking motions don’t only move side to side. Amazingly, they also go up in the air and escape, to help you get from one string to another. Most of us have never seen this kind of motion up close before, or even seen our own picking motion up close before! The Magnet reveals whether you’re actually doing escape motion correctly, or using the tension-inducing, bouncy motion of stringhopping.

David Grier picking perfection!

As you work on your picking motion, the Magnet can also help you uncover stubborn mistakes.

When you’re learning a phrase, there are any number of errors that can crop up: from picking the wrong string, to losing synchronization, to using the wrong picking motion entirely. And when you feel something going wrong, it’s not always clear which problem you’ve got!

Simply playing the phrase more slowly isn’t the solution — when you do that, the problem often disappears, so you think you’ve got it…but working it up to speed again, it’s still maddeningly sloppy.

The only effective way to discover what to fix is to slow down your fast playing — and that’s where the Magnet comes in! Very often, when you look at this slow-motion footage, you see things you didn’t even realize you were doing.

Using Cracking The Code

Here at Cracking the Code, demystifying guitar technique is what we do. We built the Magnet to solve the problems we face every day in our guitar journey, and it’s been an invaluable tool for us.

Fits Guitar, Mandolin, and more!

If you want to go further with learning guitar technique, we suggest pairing the Magnet with the instructional material on the Cracking the Code Platform. Starting with our Pickslanting Primer, which will introduce you to the most important fundamentals of how we teach picking.

We’ve spent years using the Magnet to film dozens of incredible players, building the most comprehensive and detailed collection of picking footage ever assembled. A Cracking the Code subscription includes access to all our interviews.

We’ve boiled down that knowledge into simple instructions that anyone can follow — lessons that have helped thousands of guitarists transform their playing. By comparing your own footage to these examples and tutorials, you can make sure you’re on the right track.

And you’re not alone on this journey. Members of Cracking the Code can even upload Magnet clips to their Dashboard as a Technique Critique, for direct feedback from our instructors. Technique Critique is included with every Cracking the Code subscription.

Watch The Magnet In Action

Here’s to a new era of guitar learning for all. And of course, if you have any questions, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]!