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Unleash Extreme Wrist Picking Speed

By September 11, 2023 October 8th, 2023 News

I don’t have special genetics for fast picking. I was never unusually good at video games or sports requiring elite hand-eye coordination. And I couldn’t play at these tempos until I figured out the concepts and techniques you’ll learn in this lesson. In fact, my primary skill is being NOT GOOD at stuff, but realizing there’s usually a trick to it that can be figured out with critical thinking and enough trial and error.

Our latest Pickslanting Primer update on “dart thrower” wrist motion is the culmination of years of work by the Cracking the Code team understanding wrist motion. It demystifies how extreme speeds over 200 beats per minute are really achieved.

As part of this update. We’ve put together a FREE extended version of our Pickslanting Primer lesson on hyperspeed “reverse dart thrower” wrist motion. This enhanced “director’s cut” lesson includes the latest Cracking the Code work on understanding and teaching high-performance wrist technique:

  • An overview of wrist mechanics pulled directly from bleeding-edge research
  • Clips from our interview with the experts at the Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Very cool hands-on demonstrations at death metal speeds

Check it out right here on our YouTube channel:

More Pickslanting Primer Updates

We’ve also been hard at work on a number of Pickslanting Primer updates to make our main instructional sequence as easy to follow as possible.

Cracking the Code is unique in the way we teach multiple picking techniques as part of our core sequence. Even with this multi-technique coverage, the way we’ve structured things means that players won’t need to jump back and forth to find what they’re looking for.

A new player, starting today, will take the joint motion tests and move right into tutorials covering all the basic motions. That section, which used to be called “Unlocking The Tremolo”, is now called “Picking Motion Tutorials”:

Picking Motion Tutorials

Learn efficient motion with these powerful instructions


In it, you will find a new introduction, and several new lessons in the “reverse dart” section. The new lessons include updated steps for translating your joint motion test performance to the strings, as well as an updated lesson on achieving speeds over 220 bpm sixteenth notes. Over time we’ll add more here, including the original dart thrower wrist motion (i.e. non-reverse), elbow technique, and more.

As part of this, we’ve deleted some older lessons which are now replaced by these new ones. Anything that was worth keeping, but doesn’t yet have a home in the main sequence, we moved over into the growing “reference” section here:

Technical Reference

A comprehensive reference with additional technical detail on core concepts


Awesome! Where do I find all this stuff?

As usual, all these updates are included in your subscription. They are also free for previous Primer purchasers, no matter how long ago you bought it, and no matter what price you originally paid. Just log in and head over to the Pickslanting Primer, or click any of the links above.