Metronomic Rock DSX

The Metronomic Rock series is an homage to a time when hair was big, string skips were bigger, and guitar heroes subdivided the beat with metronomic precision!

This first installment in the Metronomic Rock series explores one of the most popular mechanically efficient picking styles of all time: DSX Motion. Used by everyone from picking pioneers to modern virtuosos, the DSX picking style is based on a type of “single escape” motion where downstrokes contain string-switching power, and musical phrases are designed to capitalize on this.

Legendary self-taught players like Paul Gilbert and Vinnie Moore learned to perform these technological feats subconsciously by streamlining their vocabulary to fit their mechanics. In MR|DSX, host Tommaso Tufarelli from the Cracking the Code team pulls back the curtains on this process with an array of powerful techniques and simple instructions for performing them. Along the way, you’ll learn to create stunning lines that maintain optimal efficiency and accuracy at any speed.

Topics in MR|DSX:

  • An overview of DSX mechanics
  • Downstroke- and upstroke-on-downbeat organization
  • High-speed scale playing
  • Optimizing shapes for rapid string switching
  • Position-shifting strategies
  • Two-string and string-skipping arpeggios
  • Creating efficient pentatonic lines
  • Legato and hybrid escape techniques
  • Classic metronomic patterns and why they work
  • Compositional tricks for generating novel phrases

The complete MR|DSX package includes:

  • 39 lessons
  • 157 musical examples with tablature
  • Two complete songs demonstrating all techniques
  • Tracks for each song, including isolated backing and lead parts
  • Detailed tablature with all picking instructions notated
  • Aquanet™, Spandex™, and band flyers/staple gun not included!


MR|DSX is a 200-level Cracking the Code seminar, requiring a basic operating proficiency in DSX picking motion. A good benchmark is the ability to perform a tremolo with a DSX escape path. Once you have that, MR|DSX is the lesson that takes that mechanical foundation and makes it musical.

Is MR|DSX right for you? Watch the introductory chapter below and find out!


Chapter 1 - Welcome And How To Watch





View 4 clips

Spaceship Backing


Spaceship Complete


Spaceship Lead


Spaceship Minus Lead


Sunset Stops


View 4 clips

Sunset Stops Backing


Sunset Stops Complete


Sunset Stops Lead


Sunset Stops Minus Lead


Tracks And Tablature


DSX Mechanics Overview

Chapter 1 - DSX Alternate Picking


Chapter 2 - Switching Strings With DSX Motion


Chapter 3 - Legato Escape Powerup


Chapter 4 - Upstroke Sweep Powerup


Chapter 5 - Hybrid Picking Powerup


Chapter 6 - Swiping Powerup


Spaceship Lesson

Chapter 1 - Space Ship Riff


View 5 clips

Gallop And Double Stops


Gallop And Double Stops Fast


Gallop And Double Stops Hybrid


Gallop And Two Double Stops


Gallop Riffing Etude


Chapter 2 - Gilbert Sixes Pattern


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Gilbert Sixes Loop


Gilbert Sixes Overlapping


Scale Lydian Ascending Descending Position Shift


Chapter 3 - Yngwie Sixes Variation


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Yngwie Pattern


Yngwie Pattern Displaced


Yngwie Pattern Displaced 16th Notes


Yngwie Pattern Displaced G To Am


Yngwie Pattern Displaced Loop


Chapter 4 - Diagonal Patterns


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Diagonal 16ths Ascending


Diagonal 16ths Ascending Chunk


Diagonal 16ths Descending


Diagonal 16ths Descending Chunk


Chapter 5 - Diagonal Quintuplets


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Diagonal Fives Ascending


Diagonal Fives Ascending Accents


Diagonal Fives Ascending Chunk


Diagonal Fives Ascending Double Pulloff


Diagonal Fives Ascending Pickup


Diagonal Fives Ascending Pulloff


Diagonal Fives Chunk Double Pulloff


Diagonal Fives Chunk Pulloff


Chapter 6 - Two-String Arpeggios


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Arpeggio Two-String Seventh Shapes


Chapter 7 - Seventh Arpeggio Picking Patterns


View 2 clips

Arpeggio Two-String Gary Moore


Arpeggio Two-String Picking Patterns


Chapter 8 - Seventh Arpeggio Inversions


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Arpeggio Two-String Maj7 Etude


Arpeggio Two-String Maj7 Inversions


Arpeggio Two-String Min7 Inversions


Chapter 9 - Extended Arpeggios


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Arpeggio Two-String Extended Harmony Shapes


Arpeggio Two-String Extended Sequence


Arpeggio Two-String Extended Shapes


Arpeggio Two-String Min9 Circular Pattern


Arpeggio Two-String Min9 Pattern


Chapter 10 - String-Skipping Triad Arpeggios


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Arpeggio String-Skip 4th Str Triad Shapes


Arpeggio String-Skip 5th Str Minor


Arpeggio String-Skip 5th Str Minor Repeat


Arpeggio String-Skip 5th Str Minor Rest Stroke


Arpeggio String-Skip 5th Str Triad Shapes


Arpeggio String-Skip Classical Etude


Chapter 11 - String-Skipping 9th Arpeggios


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Arpeggio String-Skip 6th Str Diminished


Arpeggio String-Skip 6th Str Major


Arpeggio String-Skip 6th Str Major Add2


Arpeggio String-Skip 6th Str Minor


Arpeggio String-Skip 6th Str Minor Add2


Arpeggio String-Skip 9th Etude


Chapter 12 - String-Skipping Arpeggio Patterns


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Arpeggio String-Skip 5th Str Minor Improv


Arpeggio String-Skip Hybrid Threes


Arpeggio String-Skip Hybrid Threes Improv


Blues Rock Picking Pattern


Chapter 13 - Scaleggios


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Scaleggio 5str Lydian


Scaleggio 5str Major


Scaleggio 5str Minor


Scaleggio Legato Improv


Chapter 14 - Scaleggio Patterns


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Scaleggio Etude


Scaleggio Spaceship Pattern


Scaleggio Spaceship Pattern Double Hammer


Scaleggio Spaceship Solo Excerpt


Scaleggio Spaceship Solo Shapes


Chapter 15 - Legato Escape Scales


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Scale Legato Escape Ascending Chunk


Scale Legato Escape Descending Chunk


Scale Legato Escape Major


Scale Legato Escape Major Slow


Chapter 16 - Fully-Picked Scales


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Scale Fully-Picked Spaceship


Scale Legato Escape Spaceship


Chapter 17 - Streamlining Scale Shapes


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Scale Fully-Picked Harmonic Minor


Scale Fully-Picked Harmonic Minor Improv Ascending


Scale Fully-Picked Harmonic Minor Improv Descending


Scale Fully-Picked Minor


Scale Fully-Picked Minor Ascending


Scale Fully-Picked Minor Descending


Scale Legato Escape Minor Four Strings


Spaceship Lesson Clips


Sunset Stops Lesson

Chapter 1 - Double Stops in the '80s


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Double Stop Hybrid Picking


Double Stop Upstroke


Double Stop Upstroke Skip


Chapter 2 - Single-Note Riffing


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Sunset Riff Fill 16ths


Sunset Riff Fill Fives


Sunset Riff Ghost Notes


Chapter 3 - The Pentatonic Scale


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Pentatonic Ascending Downstroke


Pentatonic Box Shapes


Pentatonic Descending Downstroke


Pentatonic DUD Pickup


Pentatonic Legato Assist


Pentatonic Legato Assist Loop


Pentatonic Upstroke Picking


Chapter 4 - Pentatonic Sixes


View 2 clips

Pentatonic Sixes DUD Pickup


Pentatonic Sixes Legato Assist


Chapter 5 - Pentatonic Trills


View 8 clips

Pentatonic Trill Ascending


Pentatonic Trill Ascending Boxes


Pentatonic Trill Ascending Descending


Pentatonic Trill Bass Strings


Pentatonic Trill Chunk


Pentatonic Trill Chunk Descending


Pentatonic Trill Descending


Pentatonic Trill Single String


Chapter 6 - Reverse Pentatonic Fours


View 9 clips

Pentatonic Fours Chunk Ascending


Pentatonic Fours Chunk Descending


Pentatonic Fours Chunk Descending Downstroke


Pentatonic Reverse Fours Bass


Pentatonic Reverse Fours Descending


Pentatonic Reverse Fours Double Skip


Pentatonic Reverse Fours Registers


Pentatonic Reverse Fours String Skip


Pentatonic Reverse Fours Treble


Chapter 7 - Pentatonic Sweeping


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Pentatonic Sweep Chunk


Pentatonic Sweep Trill Blues


Pentatonic Sweep Trill Blues Speeds


Pentatonic Sweep Trills Descending


Chapter 8 - Pentatonic Hybrid Picking


View 2 clips

Pentatonic Hybrid Trill Blues


Pentatonic Hybrid Trills Descending


Chapter 9 - Pentatonic Triplets


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Pentatonic Triplets Hybrid Ascending


Pentatonic Triplets Hybrid Descending


Pentatonic Twisty-Turny Hybrid


Pentatonic Twisty-Turny Sweeping


Chapter 10 - Reduced Scales


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Reduced Scale I-VII Riff


Reduced Scale Lydian Reduction


Reduced Scale Lydian Source


Reduced Scale Melody Excerpt


Reduced Scale Min9 Arpeggio


Reduced Scale Min9 Reduction


Reduced Scale Min9 Reduction Treble


Reduced Scale Min9 Source


Reduced Scale Min9 Source Treble


Chapter 11 - Scale Reduction Tutorial


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Reduced Scale Lydian Improv


Reduced Scale Lydian Sixes


Reduced Scale Lydian Trills


Reduced Scale Lydian Unison Reduction


Reduced Scale Lydian Unison Source


Chapter 12 - Enhanced Pentatonics


View 5 clips

Enhanced Pentatonic Box


Enhanced Pentatonic Boxes


Enhanced Pentatonic Displaced Yngwie Blues


Enhanced Pentatonic Gilbert Sixes


Enhanced Pentatonic Yngwie Pattern


Chapter 13 - Enhanced Pentatonic Monster Lick


View 2 clips

Enhanced Pentatonic Monster Lick


Enhanced Pentatonic Monster Lick Accents


Chapter 14 - Circular Sixteenths


View 9 clips

Circular Sixteenths Ascending


Circular Sixteenths Chunk One Pulloff


Circular Sixteenths Chunk Rest Upstroke


Circular Sixteenths Chunk Two Pulloffs


Circular Sixteenths Descending


Circular Sixteenths Descending Chunk


Circular Sixteenths Lydian Ascending Descending


Circular Sixteenths Solo Opening


Circular Sixteenths Two Chunks


Chapter 15 - Circular Quintuplets


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Circular Fives As Sixteenths


Circular Quintuplets Ascending


Circular Quintuplets Chunk


Circular Quintuplets Chunk Double Pulloff


Circular Quintuplets Chunk String Skip


Circular Quintuplets Gilbert String Skips


Circular Quintuplets Solo Opening


Chapter 16 - Creativity Through Mechanics


View 3 clips

Melody Via Mechanics Solo Excerpt


Melody Via Mechanics Verse Excerpt


Scale Lydian Ascending Descending


Sunset Stops Lesson Clips