Technique Critique

Looking for feedback on your playing technique? We’re excited to give it to you! We do this in the Technique Critique section of our forum.

This is a place where members of the Cracking the Code community can help one another out with specific technical feedback, and collectively get better at demystifying our own playing.

Key Concepts

The Technique Critique process works best after you’ve gone through the Pickslanting Primer — watching the videos, and putting practice time into developing the basic motions so we have something concrete to comment on.

This will make sure you understand the movements you’re already making, and have the basic terminology you need to ask really clear questions using language everyone will understand.

Please be as specific as possible. If you just ask us to “analyze” your playing, it’s hard to know what kind of feedback you want. Instead, show us a short video of something you are already working on, and include specific questions about the help you need.

Including a short video of your playing in your forum post is really the only way to know what is going on. See the following page for our guide to filming video and adding it to your post:

Filming Your Playing

Tips for cameras, lighting, and video forum posts


Once you’ve got your camera ready to go, here are the most important guidelines to follow:

  • Keep your video short, but not super-eyeblink short — 15-30 seconds is a good ballpark
  • If possible, please include regular speed and slow motion, not just one or the other
  • Try to film from two angles: a “down the strings” angle, so the pick/string contact is visible, and a front-facing “audience perspective” angle
  • Use plenty of light, and avoid shadows, so we can see what’s going on
  • Don’t narrate the video; instead, include questions and comments in the forum post itself, to make it easier to respond in writing to each point

To share your video on the forum, upload the video to YouTube (public or unlisted — not private), and then paste the link on its own line in your forum post, with a blank line before and after. It should look like this: