Cracking the Code: The Series

The original Cracking the Code series is a nostalgic trip through ’80s rock history, and a technical adventure culminating in the discovery of pickslanting. It’s filled with original animation and soundtrack, and is basically a very long feature film — twelve narrative episodes, over 3 hours total. Along the way, we take a both detailed and entertaining look at the techniques of legendary players like Yngwie, Eric Johnson, Michael Angelo Batio, and more.

Episode 1 - Rock to the Future


Episode 2 - Rise of the Viking


Episode 3 - A Pick and a Hard Place


Episode 4 - Speed Trap


Episode 5 - Los Tres Enemigos


Episode 6 - Punched Out


Episode 7 - Lix et Veritas


Episode 8 - Fast Forward


Episode 9 - Get Down for the Upstroke


Episode 10 - Inside the Volcano


Episode 11 - Eric the Right


Episode 12 - Conquering the Scale