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Strunz & Farah — Free Tablature Download!

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It’s time for a free download from the Strunz & Farah Interview!

Jorge and Ardeshir composed an awesome intro jam specifically for their Masters in Mechanics interview. We’ve put together a video performance of the tune, along with a complete dual guitar transcription in Guitar Pro, into a download pack just for Cracking the Code viewers. Read More

Season 1, Episode 1 Clip: “Eddie vs. Randy”

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In the ’80s, the relentless pursuit of perfection turned rock guitar into a kind of pre-Wright Brothers scramble for innovation. Eddie Van Halen, the decade’s spiritual mentor, had blasted away convention with his iconoclastic tapping technique.

But he wasn’t without competition. If Coke had Pepsi, Skippy had Jif, and Doc Brown had the Libyans, the nemesis of everyone’s favorite red-and-white-striped guitar hero was clear: Randy Rhoads.

But this was a battle with no casualties. The iconoclastic technical innovations of both players, and the trove of incredible music they produced, were historic gifts to the guitar which still resound just as forcefully as ever.