At Cracking the Code, we apply evidence-based methods to musical teaching, to help guitarists master technique and unleash their creative freedom.

We are known for our innovative teaching of picking technique — in particular, our pioneering use of slow motion video to reveal techniques used by world-class players that weren’t being explicitly taught, but absolutely should be. Along the way, we created many of the concepts and terminology that are now used by players the world over to understand and perfect their own picking technique.

On the site, you can dive into our instructional products like The Pickslanting Primer and watch dozens of interviews with world-class players. Products like the Primer are available via subscription or download, and the download version still offers lifetime access to the (frankly, superior) presentation on the site, as well as lifetime free updates. A subscription offers unlimited access to everything on the site, including all instructional products and interviews. The forum is free — all you need is a basic account on the site.

Where did all this come from? Read further for more on how Cracking the Code came to be.

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Get Cracking!

You don’t need to be Yngwie or Doc Watson to be great at picking technique. Special athletic abilities and once-in-a-generation reflexes are not required. The genius of these picking pioneers is not their ability to play circles around the rest of us. It’s that they learned sophisticated techniques with nobody teaching them, and often without even being aware of it. Once you know what they know, you’ll be amazed at the things you can play.

If you’re ready to get started on your journey to smooth, accurate picking, check out our signup page. Join for free and take advantage of the forum. It’s an incredible technical resource backed by a friendly and helpful community. For access to our interviews and instructional material, we have subscription options to fit every budget level, and even a scholarship option if you need assistance: