Troy Grady

I was raised in the land of Camaros and Billy Joel. I now reside in the land of St. Anthony medallions and Manhattan Special. Astute geographers will note that these are technically the same land.

Don Johnson and Yasir Arafat notwithstanding, I have played guitar since before daily shaving was imperative. I have played piano for even longer. I have given up the organ. Ok that’s a lie.

I once discovered a numerological pattern in the Divine Comedy which, unfortunately, had already been discovered. The department heads were unconvinced, but if I had independently discovered calculus, I would be no less certain of my greatness. So I remain foolishly undeterred.Currently, I purport to have discovered the secrets of shred.

Tommo Tufarelli

Tommo is a two-fold instructor extraordinaire and man of the people, monitoring the Cracking the Code forum.

Teemu Mäntysaari

Teemu Mäntysaari, the guitarist that brought us Wintersun has been perfecting all things shredding since he was a young Finnish boy. Lucky for us, he’s also one of our very own contributing instructors here at Cracking the Code.

Adam Payne

Adam has become a jack of all trades over his time at Cracking the Code.  Since joining the team in 2011 he’s been a filmmaker, an editor, a coder, and a email correspondent. His love of both science and art perfectly complements the informative storytelling of Cracking the Code.

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