Mandolin Clips (63)

8th of January - tk1


8th of January - tk2


8th of January Fiddle


Arpeggio Improv


Arpeggio Inversions


Arpeggio Inversions Slow


Arpeggios Major Variations - tk1


Arpeggios Major Variations - tk2


Arrowhead Pass


Arrowhead Pass Rolls


Big Mon


Boil Them Cabbage Down




Whiskey Before Hornpipe


Fisher's Hornpipe - tk2


Grassy Mando - tk1


Grassy Mando - tk2


Guitar-Style Sixes


Jerusalem Ridge


Jerusalem Ridge Baker


Jerusalem Ridge Monroe




Little Rock Getaway


Melodic Slide Short


Melodic Slides


Pale Rider Sixes


Pale Rider Sixes Demo


Pale Rider Sixes Finish


Partial Picking Speed


Red Haired Boy - tk1


Red Haired Boy - tk2


Rhythm Improv


Rhythm Notey


Rhythm Single Note - tk1


Rhythm Single Note - tk2


Rhythm Single Note Fast


Rhythm Strum


Roll Banjoesque


Roll Improv


Roll Three-String - tk1


Roll Three-String - tk2


Roll Three-String - tk3


Roll Three-String Demo


Roll Three-String Fast


Roll Three-String Progression - tk1


Roll Three-String Progression - tk2


Scale Improv - tk1


Scale Improv - tk2


Scale Improv - tk3


Scale Improv - tk4


Scale Improv - tk5


Trischka Stutter


Truth And Lie


Truth And Lie Shapes


Truth And Lie Slow


Two-String Pedal


Two-String Pedal Fast


Two-String Pedal Slides


Wheel Hoss


Wheel Hoss Embellish


Wheel Hoss Notey


Wheel Hoss Strummy


Whiskey Before Breakfast