Guitar Clips (99)

Alternate Crossings


Andy's Boogie


Andy's Rootsy Fusion


Arpeggio Augmented


Arpeggio Diminished Fours


Arpeggio Diminished Fours Top Strings


Arpeggio Diminished Swing


Arpeggio Diminished Three-String


Arpeggio Dom11 Fours


Arpeggio Dom11 Fours Hybrid


Arpeggio Maj


Arpeggio Maj Moderate - tk1


Arpeggio Maj Moderate - tk2


Arpeggio Maj Slow


Arpeggio Maj7


Arpeggio Maj7 Improv


Arpeggio Maj7 Maj6


Arpeggio Maj7 Maj6 Pulloffs


Arpeggio Maj7 Maj6 Variations


Arpeggio Maj9 Maj7 Improv


Arpeggio Min7b5


Augmented Jazz Minor - tk1


Augmented Jazz Minor - tk2


Ballad of Ricky and Cal


Ballad of Ricky and Cal Arpeggios


Ballad of Ricky and Cal Double Stops


Ballad of Ricky and Cal Pentatonic


Ballad of Ricky and Cal Rolls


Ballad of Walker and Texas Ranger Pt. 1


Ballad of Walker and Texas Ranger Pt. 2


Blackberry Blossom


Blues Scrape


Blues Triplets


Blues Triplets Asc Desc


Blues Triplets Finish


Bop, Bach and Roll


Brent's Swing


Chicken Bends - tk1


Chicken Bends - tk2


Chicken Blues


Chicken Crunch


Chicken Hazzard


Chicken Legato


Chicken Mason


Chicken Medley


Chicken Shred


Chicken Swing


Chromatic Swing - tk1


Chromatic Swing - tk2


Clean and Smoky


Cold Shot


Country Rock Drop D


Country Scales


Diminished Pentatonic Improv


Diminished Swing - tk1


Diminished Swing - tk2


Dixie Breakdown


Dom7 Blues


Eleventh Hour


Hybrid Legato Dom7 - tk1


Hybrid Legato Dom7 - tk2


Hybrid Legato I-V


Hybrid Legato Maj679


Marriage of Figaro


Modern Swing


Orange Blossom Special


Orange Blossom Special Rolls


Over the Rainbow


Pentatonic EJ Style


Pentatonic EJ Style Ascending 2WPS


Pentatonic EJ Style Moderate


Pentatonic EJ Style UWPS


Pick It Apart


Pick It Apart Arpeggios


Pick It Apart Arpeggios Hybrid


Pick It Apart Fours


Rhythm Metal Mutes


Roll ADG


Roll DGB


Roll GBE


Roll O'Connor


Roll Scruggs


Scalar Shred Acoustic


Stoney Point


String Skip Blues


Swing 11th - tk1


Swing 11th - tk2


Swing 11th Triad


Swing Augmented to Dominant


Swing Comping


Swing Turnaround


Swing Turnaround Double 2WPS


Swing Turnaround to Blues


Truth And Lie


Truth And Lie Demo


Truth And Lie Picked


Truth And Lie Picked Acoustic


Tumeni Notes


Tumeni Notes Fours