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Free live workshop with Teemu Mäntysaari

Join us Monday, October 15th at 4pm ET / 8pm UTC

By October 12, 2018News

Teemu is in town — wrapping up Wintersun’s Fall 2018 North American tour this Sunday at Irving Plaza in NYC (tickets here if you’re in the area!)

And on Monday, we’re hosting him at the Cracking the Code Studio for a live workshop and Q&A session.

Who is Teemu?

Teemu is the lead guitarist of Finnish power metal band Wintersun. He’s well versed in weaving punishing rhythms and intricate dual-lead flights of fantasy into epic power metal soundscapes.

Our interview with Teemu is one of our most watched ever, and for good reason — Teemu is a rare combination of ferocious player and masterful teacher. Specifically, he’s watched a lot of our stuff, and has extensive experience teaching pickslanting mechanics to guitarists of all levels.

Here’s a good clip of his scary arpeggio playing:

Event Details

We’re excited to catch up with Teemu and talk technique, teaching, and more. And we look forward to taking some viewer questions!

The event is free for everyone to watch, and will be live on YouTube.

If you have an account on the Cracking the Code Platform, you can tune in via our Live Studio and submit questions for Teemu once the event starts.

We’ll get an edited version uploaded to the site later, with clips and tablature for Masters in Mechanics members.

Tune in to watch the event live: Monday, Oct. 15th at 4pm ET / 8pm UTC

Top Comments

  1. Teemu is one of my favourite modern metal players. Great great news! Really looking forward to it.

  2. I won’t have the time to watch until Wednesday, will the link still be up on Youtube by then?

  3. Hey yes I think it will stay up on YouTube. It’s possible we may want to remove and edit / re-upload but either way we definitely plan to have a recording available to watch later.

  4. Teemu is in the studio and we’re just finishing setting up, will be going live shortly!

  5. tommo says:

    I’ll have to catch up on this one asap! I just managed to connect at the end to listen to the ending solo, incredible how he could play like that all by himself in front of a camera - with no backing track - and knowing he only had one shot!

    PS: for the longest time I was convinced that our @hamsterman was Teemu :sweat_smile:

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