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Masters in Mechanics: The Albert Lee Interview

By August 8, 2015 September 13th, 2018 News

Country hero Albert Lee needs no introduction. He’s shared a stage with veritable pioneers of rock and roll, and his legendary ability to weave groovy, fluid lines through the changes has sent generations of pickers to the woodshed.

Albert’s technique is powered by downward pickslanting, and it also shares a fundamental similarity with the ingenious crosspicking prowess of Steve Morse. In our investigation, we show you exactly how this works.

This Masters in Mechanics release unlocks one of the greatest country picking techniques of all time, and includes:

  • 1-hour in-depth interview
  • 51 slow-motion video examples
  • Complete tablature in Guitar Pro and PDF formats
  • 7 chapters of our trademark in-depth analysis

Two ways to watch the full interview: