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Moving Fast, Moving Forward

By April 2, 2014 February 3rd, 2017 News

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday — or at least just last decade — that Cracking the Code first seeped into your consciousness, blazing riffs and whispers of picking secrets crackling across your computer screen and through your speakers? Well, with Episode 8: “Fast Forward”, we’ve hit our first big milestone and wrapped up Season 1. There’s much yet to come, but we’re proud to close the first folio of this journey and get down to business on the next steps.

A Finale to Remember

In which Yngwie holds the holy grail. In which the humble VHS tape, from bootlegged concert footage to instructional video, starts to unlock the mystery. In which years of study and struggle begin to pay off. In which neurons fire at an accelerating rate. In which edge picking, single strings, and chunking all come together to shed the first rays of light on a heretofore intractable problem…

Episode 8 brings to a close the early years, those of uncertainty, occasional breakthrough, and the long march toward guitar competency. Season 1 has laid the groundwork of the problem, and the solutions are coming soon, in our more technically-focused second season — available for preorder now. Find out more on the Season 2 page.

Rock Concert Regenesis

Behind the Scenes: Rock Concert RegenesisA behind the scenes feature looking at how we recreate the high-energy atmosphere of a crowded rock concert on a low budget using motion graphics animation.

In it, we explore many aspects of our world-building and scene creation process — from cameras to replicators to lighting — that influence the emotional resonance and excitement of an animation.

Watch the video and read the full post here.

Envisioning the Arpeggio Mystery

Behind the Scenes: Envisioning the Arpeggio MysteryA behind the scenes feature discussing the process of conceptualizing a world to fit a technical discussion of the difficulties in decoding Yngwie’s complex arpeggio-based solos.

This feature is a journey through the visual inspiration of a scene, from German expressionism to Holmesian homage; and it also investigates the technical details of some particular Motion tricks used to make the “Arpeggio Mystery” animation work.

Watch the video and read the full post here.

Oh, and One More Thing…

Something fast (and slow) this way comes. Stay tuned!