Clips (64)

Arpeggio Child In Time


Arpeggios Four-String - tk1


Arpeggios Four-String - tk2


Arpeggios Six-String - tk1


Arpeggios Six-String - tk2


Blues Barnyard G - tk1


Blues Barnyard G - tk2


Blues Chromatic Speed


Blues Signature Skip


Blues Slinky and Clean


Blues Slinky G - tk1


Blues Slinky G - tk2


Blues with the Backside


Chromatic Exercise Downstroke


Chromatic Exercise Upstroke


Chromatic Two Strings Downstroke


Chromatic Two Strings Upstroke


Elbow Chromatic Skip


Elbow Single-String Sixes


Mixolydian and Maj7


Mixolydian Box - tk1


Mixolydian Box - tk2


Neoclassical Claw


Neoclassical Inside Etude


Neoclassical Steve's Fugue


Pentatonic Ascending Downstroke


Pentatonic Ascending Upstroke


Pentatonic Connected


Pentatonic Descending Downstroke


Pentatonic Descending Upstroke


Pentatonic Sextuplets


Pentatonic Steve's Stretch


Pentatonic Two Strings


Scale Diminished


Scale First Finger Upstroke


Scale Fourth Finger Downstroke


Scale Pattern Nine and Fifteen


Scale Pattern Sixes and Twelves


Scale Pattern Sixes Ascending


Scale Pattern Sixes Skip


Scale Pattern Sixes Skip Ascending


Scale Pattern Sixes Skip Descending


Scale Pattern Weak Beat Scale


Scale Second Finger Downstroke


Scale Second Finger Upstroke


Signature Chuggy Keys


Signature Chuggy Twelfths


Signature Hollow Arps - tk1


Signature Hollow Arps - tk2


Signature Hollow Arps - tk3


Signature Steve's Theme


Signature Tarkusesque


Tumeni B Section


Tumeni Intro Tk1


Tumeni Intro Tk2


Tumeni Intro Tk3


Tumeni Intro Clean Tone


Tumeni Pedal - tk1


Tumeni Pedal - tk2


Tumeni Pedal - tk3


Well Dressed


Well Dressed B Section - tk1


Well Dressed B Section - tk2


Well Dressed B Section - tk3