Clips (49)

Angeline the Baker


Angeline the Baker Pulse


Angeline the Baker Straight vs. Pulse


Arpeggio Four-String


Arpeggio Four-String Improv


Arpeggio Four-String Relaxed


Arpeggio Six-String


Arpeggio Six-String Progression


As It Rolls to the Sea


Black Mountain Chromatic Accents


Black Mountain Chromatic Boogie


Black Mountain Chromatic Riff


Black Mountain Chromatics


Black Mountain Rag Pt. 1


Black Mountain Rag Pt. 2


Clarence's G Chord Lick - tk1


Clarence's G Chord Lick - tk2


Clarence's G Lick


Clarence's Scale - tk1


Clarence's Scale - tk2


Clarence's Scale - tk3


Clarence's Standard


Crosspicking Threes Etude


Dave's Sleeveless Improv


Dueling Banjos


Forward Roll Accent E String


Forward Roll Accent G String


Forward Roll Improv


Forward Roll Relaxed


Forward Roll Relaxed A String


Forward Roll Relaxed Slow


Forward Roll Slide Pickup


G Run Descending


John Riley the Shepherd


John the Shepherd Simplified


King Wilkie's Skip - tk1


King Wilkie's Skip - tk2


King Wilkie's Skip Demonstration


Pear Tree


Scale G Major


Scale G Major Two-Octave


Scale G Major Two-Octave Descending


Scale Relaxed


Starting the Car - tk1


Starting the Car - tk2


Wildwood Crosspick


Wildwood Flower


Wildwood Strums - tk1


Wildwood Strums - tk2