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The Molly Tuttle Interview!

By October 24, 2017 October 3rd, 2018 News

Molly Tuttle’s prodigious songwriting chops, ethereal voice, and physical command of the guitar make her one of the most exciting new players in bluegrass. She’s the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year for 2017. And she is the subject of the latest Masters in Mechanics interview here at Cracking the Code.

If you’ve seen Molly play, then you’re already familiar with her unstoppable flatpicking chops. Like many of the greats, from Tony Rice to Eddie Van Halen, Molly’s technique is really several techniques in one: it’s an anchored upward pickslanting technique, an anchored pronated crosspicking technique, a floating forearm rotation rhythm technique, and different combinations of the above postures with sophisticated thumb/index articulation thrown in for extra string-switching dexterity. That she switch instantly between all these approaches, while singing, is nothing short of amazing.

In the interview, we cover flat pick rudiments and roll patterns, gymnastic bass/chord rhythm techniques, and take a quick look at her very cool banjo-inspired clawhammer fingerstyle technique on her original tune Save This Heart. We talk about fretboard mapping for playing through the changes, and discuss how her time at the Berklee College of Music helped her polish all these abilities.

Watch the complete Molly Tuttle Interview right here, on the Cracking the Code platform, with full Soundslice and interactive timeline functionality.

Or head over to our download store and grab your own copy. Either way, we’d like to thank you for watching. And of course, we’d like to thank Molly for being so generous with her time and so open about her artistry.

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  1. Where is this “Credits” section? Haven’t yet been able to find a section by that name under the Dashboard, under my forum Account, or under my account (the Downloads Store link also seems to be sending me to Gumroad). Can’t a generic “credits section” link be included in the announcement that authenticates “per user” the same way the Dashboard button does?

    Also, do people who haven’t set up a forum account still get an email with the Gumroad link?

    Edit: OK: Interview Link -> Account -> Credits

    I’ll bet I won’t be the only person confused by this.

    Life would be easier if the announcement included this link:

  2. Thank you - this was terrific! It inspired me to become a new member.

  3. Avatar for Troy Troy says:

    Hi! Thanks for the question. Without delving into specifics, the short story is, yes, your subscription helps us afford to work with these great players, and we try to make it worth everyone’s while. The more successful we become, the more we’re able to spend / share. We’re learning as we go, and I can’t really speculate how such things work at ginormous subscription-based placed like Netflix. But if you are concerned that you are giving back in some fashion - yes definitely. It is directly a result of our customers, both download and subscription, that any of this is possible. So thank you!

  4. Avatar for matte matte says:

    Just finnished watching this interview. What a great player she is! And that vintage Black Sabbath vinyl in the background looks cool ; )

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