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Playing Through the Changes - Martin Miller's Music and Improvisation

Up close on how Martin builds improvisational vocabulary

By October 13, 2017News

Quick announcement — we just added the “Playing Through the Changes with Martin Miller” video to the Cracking the Code platform.

You can find the interview here:

Martin Miller’s Music – Playing Through the Changes

Many of you may have seen this already as we released the download a while back. But we hadn’t gotten it up on the new site yet…so, now it’s there! Just the video for now, but we’ll work on tablature too.

This is a one-hour, hands-on investigation of Martin’s process for building improvisational chops — deconstructing his process for improvising over flowing chord changes, and arriving at a simple checklist that anyone can follow to start developing a mature improvisational vocabulary. We also address the nature of improvisation, the different challenges of fretted and keyboard improvisation, the altered scale and its use in soloing over the V chord, the II-V-I progression, and more.

This is a great counterpart to our first interview with Martin, which focused more on the mechanical side of his playing. We recommend watching ’em both!

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