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Masters in Mechanics: The Martin Miller Interview

By May 9, 2016 September 26th, 2018 News

We sat down with fusion ace Martin Miller to investigate the inhuman precision of his hyper-speed crosspicking technique. What we ended up with was even better.

In a wide-ranging conversation, we got to the bottom of Martin’s stunning right-hand approach that reads like a greatest hits of modern picking technique, mixing one-way pickslanting, two-way pickslanting, and crosspicking in equal parts.

But we also get a glimpse into the thought process of an expert soloist and improviser, including composition, fretboard navigation in the CAGED system, and more.

Martin Miller’s futuristic blend of pickslanting and crosspicking gives him cyborg-like alternate picking ability.

Martin’s innovative crosspicking approach combines both wrist and finger movements lets him navigate one-note-per-string sequences at positively computerized speeds.

You know how you’re not supposed to pet the dog when he’s eating? Well you should also stay away from Martin’s fretboard when he’s blazing through the octaves, or you’ll get what’s coming to you!