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Masters in Mechanics: The Steve Morse Interview

By June 12, 2015 September 13th, 2018 News

Cracking the Morse Code!

Steve Morse’s mind-boggling chops and peerless creativity have garnered him historical renown and captured the imagination of a generation of players.

His one-note-per-string alternate picking technique is one of the most magical in all of rock guitar. But behind the technique lies an amazing mechanical solution. In this interview, we not only witness the magic — we discover how it actually works.

Our latest Masters in Mechanics release features over two hours of incredible investigation:

  • 75-minute in-depth interview featuring Steve’s alternate picking ingenuity
  • 35+ minutes of our trademark in-depth analysis
  • 48 slow-motion examples with tablature
  • 10 minutes of awesome behind-the-scenes warmup & jamming footage