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Talking the Code: Season 2, Episode 1

A webcast on Season 2 techniques, with live Q&A and interactive demos

By July 24, 2014 February 3rd, 2017 codenews, News

Join us for our first-ever Talking the Code discussion — a live webcast where we’ll discuss the latest episode, play additional examples, and take viewer questions to help you break the cycle of the constant search for technique.

Cooking up a tasty YouTube livestream for your weekend consumption.

Cooking up a tasty YouTube live event for your Saturday afternoon consumption.

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad, you may have also seen “Talking Bad” — a live post-show discussion where the actors and production team get together and riff on the creative process, alternate endings, and more. Or maybe you’ve gone out for a night at the theater and stuck around for an audience talkback, where you get to interact with the people who made the show. We wanted to do something along these lines for Cracking the Code.

In this first installment, we’ll be discussing the revelatory findings of the Season 2 premiere, “Get Down for the Upstroke”, the component model of picking technique, and its implications for the pursuit of great guitar playing.

We don’t want to miss you, but you also don’t want to miss us. No registration is required, but you can click below for a reminder to help save the date.

We look forward to seeing you on the air!

Talking the Code: Season 2, Episode 1

Saturday, August 2, 2pm EDT — Live on YouTube

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  • Hans Haskell says:

    I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. Thanks Troy!!

    – H

  • Neil says:

    Troy, please record the live stream and make it available to Season 2 purchasers after the event. I have purchased the season but won’t be available for this “talking the code” discussion. Thanks for this really interesting project!

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      Hi Neil, thanks for the comment. Excellent suggestion — we are indeed planning to make a recording of the full event available after it streams. Barring any unforeseen glitches, you should find it on our YouTube channel within a day!

  • Sean Mullen says:

    Hi Troy …. is there a case to be argued for the up slant pick stroke that George benson seems to use (double jointed thumb) … Tuck Andress wrote any article extolling the virtues if that approach … your thoughts ? kind regards Sean ….and what an awesome series uve made … 🙂

    • Troy Grady says:

      George Benson is a downward pickslanter! And an iconic one at that. His string-switch strategy is roughly the same as Yngwie’s. However I think you may be referring to “edge picking”, which we discuss at length in Talking the Code, and also in two episodes of the show — S1E8 and S2E1. As I mention in the show, I started out as a trailing edge picker, which is the ‘backwards’ orientation I imagine you’re referring to. George does this, as did Shawn Lane, and as did Paul Gilbert when he was younger. I I personally switched to leading edge when I saw Yngwie’s technique. I can’t say if there’s any real benefit to doing this one way or another, however I can say that leading edge is far more commonplace at the elite level, and also among guitarists in general.

  • Justin says:

    Just got season 2, really well done and looking forward to the rest of the episodes. One thing, I was sort of expecting (hoping) to see the intro jam on the season 2 introduction video tabbed out since it was in the 2 vid. It would be great to have that. Great stuff, really puts a new spin on econo picking as well as other things.

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      Hey Justin, thanks for the feedback. We’re swamped w/ production, but this is definitely on our to-do list. In the meantime, we’ve been going over examples of this type of thing in a lot of detail in the Masters in Mechanics “Volcano” Seminar — and in the Season 2 Ep. 2 “volcano pack” (included w/ your purchase) we actually have some great examples of this two-string sweeping stuff as well!

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