Noa Kageyama Interview

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Learning about performance psychology and practice strategy with Juilliard’s in-house expert.

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In our interview with Juilliard’s Dr. Noa Kageyama, the famed conservatory’s in-house expert on performance psychology and optimal practice habits, we learned about what you can do to objectively assess your strengths and weaknesses, and focus practice efforts accordingly.

We cover topics ranging from Noa’s experience studying and teaching at Juilliard, to the benefits of deliberate and random practice, to the causes of performance anxiety and how to address them.

Here's an overview of what's included with the download. For more detail, check out the platform page!

Chapter 1 - Early Education of a Future Elite Violinist
Chapter 2 - The Juilliard Experience
Chapter 3 - Falling Into Performance Psychology
Chapter 4 - Rethinking Practice Habits
Chapter 5 - Mysteries of Violin Intonation
Chapter 6 - What Causes Performance Anxiety?
Chapter 7 - Only Deliberate Practice Makes Perfect
Chapter 8 - Why Random Practice Works So Well
Chapter 9 - Evaluate Your Mental Strengths and Weaknesses
Chapter 10 - Becoming a Bulletproof Musician
Chapter 11 - Coda - Technical Innovations for Paganini