Primary Motion

With so many possible picking motions, how do players know which one to use? Amazingly, they figure it out subconsciously.

The tendency to choose one type of joint motion over others is a universal characteristic of picking technique. It is a product of the subconscious approach used by the motor system to simplify the vast task of coordinating the nearly limitless motion possibilities afforded by nerves, muscles and joints. In this section, we’ll learn how primary motion works, and apply a few simple hands-on tests for learning which kind you’re making.

Primary Motion

Chapter 1 - What Is Primary Motion?

Simplifying motor learning with a default motion choice


Chapter 2 - Primary Motion And Speed

Speed and its effect on default motion


Chapter 3 - Primary Motion And Musical Vocabulary

How picking mechanics can influence creative choices


Chapter 4 - Speed and Learning New Motions

Motor programs and joint control at realistic speeds


Primary Motion Tests

Chapter 1 - Determining Your Primary Escape

Testing for escape motion using simple phrases


Chapter 2 - Evaluating Primary Escape Test Results

How to spot a joint motion mismatch