Cracking the Code Office Hours

Technique trouble? We want to help you out with personalized feedback.

Office Hours is a way for us to offer live one-on-one feedback to help you work through your picking pain points. And it will help us too — we'll use what we learn from these meetings to make our material better for everyone.

Office Hours: Picking Motion

For our initial Office Hours, our goal is to help you establish a picking motion that works — one that's fast, fluid, and there when you need it.

In a 30-minute video call we'll take a look at your technique, with a specific focus on helping you get set up with an effective picking motion. Using the Pickslanting Primer motions tutorials as foundation, we'll look at where you're at, what's holding you back, and how to fix it.

Eligibility Requirements

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To sign up for a free one-on-one help session, you must:

  • Be an active Masters in Mechanics member
  • Have watched the picking motions tutorial sections in the Pickslanting Primer
  • Have spent at least a few hours practicing the material
  • Not yet have a picking motion you're totally happy with
  • Have a good enough internet connection and webcam/audio for a video call

If you qualify, join now or log in and return here to book your session.