Talking the Code with Andy Wood Session 1

This was a live event on March 28, 2018 7:00 PM EDT

This event is recently completed — we are still working on editing the video, and will get it uploaded to the platform as soon as we can. Stay tuned!

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Six-string chords, broken, arpeggiated, crosspicked, all the notes keep ringing as long as possible. How would picking hand and arm look like? Curious. Thank you



Tom h

Hi andy What are your 3 favourite cross picking patterns?




Have you ever had any problems getting the fretting hand to "catch up" or match speed with the picking hand? What methods do you use for improving the speed of fretting hand?




Do you ever economy pick? or are you a strict alternate picker? Thanks Jon Authier Williamsburg, VA




How do you decide when to use alternate picking versus legato in your songwriting and improvisation? For instance, do you find it's often for mechanical reasons, tonal consideration, or maybe a blend of both at times. What advice would you give an aspiring alternate picker as too when to apply alternate picking technique in songwriting and improvisation? How would you recommend building a rich vocabulary of alternate picked phrases?




Andy, does the forearm contour on a Strat change your approach angle to the strings compared to a Tele?




does the volume knob placement on a Strat inconvenience you? it's so close to the high E string many players have to lift their right hand fingers up to avoid changing the volume, and their picking mechanics change as a result




Why do you use such a large pick for mandolin and such a little pick for guitar.




How bout some cool double stop patterns? Thanks


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