Molly Tuttle Interview - Clips

Anchor Behind the Bridge


Anchor On The Strings - tk1


Anchor On The Strings - tk2


Anchor On The Strings - tk3


Anchor On The Strings - tk4


Angeline the Pinky


Bass String Rolls


Beaumont Roll


Beaumont Roll E String


Forward Roll


Forward Roll Plus Two


Forward Roll Plus Two Repeat


Forward Roll Plus Two Repeat Fast


Four-String Arpeggio


Four-String Arpeggio Fast


Four-String Arpeggio Upstroke


Freightliner Fill - tk1


Freightliner Fill - tk2


Freightliner Fill Ascending


Freightliner Fill Ascending Fast


Freightliner Fill Ascending Slow


Freightliner Fill Descending


Freightliner Rhythm And Lead


Girl In My Shoes


Girl In My Shoes Hammer-On Harmony


Girl in My Shoes Progression Pt. 1


Girl In My Shoes Progression Pt. 2


Girl in My Shoes Rolls


Inside Picking


One Bar Roll Swing Feel


Outside Picking


Rhythm Anchored And Floating - tk1


Rhythm Anchored And Floating - tk2


Rhythm Anchored And Floating - tk3


Rhythm Arpeggios Floating


Root Position Roll


Save This Heart


Syncopated Rolls


Watson Roll


White Freightliner Blues


Wildwood Flower


Wildwood Flower Swing