Clips (43)

Anchor Behind The Bridge


Anchor On The Strings Tk1


Anchor On The Strings Tk2


Anchor On The Strings Tk3


Anchor On The Strings Tk4


Angeline the Pinky


Bass String Rolls


Beaumont Roll


Beaumont Roll E String


Forward Roll


Forward Roll Plus Two


Forward Roll Plus Two Repeat


Forward Roll Plus Two Repeat Fast


Four-String Arpeggio


Four-String Arpeggio Fast


Four-String Arpeggio Upstroke


Freightliner Fill Ascending


Freightliner Fill Ascending Fast


Freightliner Fill Ascending Slow


Freightliner Fill Descending


Freightliner Fill Tk1


Freightliner Fill Tk2


Freightliner Houston Fill


Freightliner Rhythm And Lead


Girl In My Shoes


Girl In My Shoes Hammer-On Harmony


Girl In My Shoes Progression Pt1


Girl In My Shoes Progression Pt2


Girl In My Shoes Rolls


Inside Picking


One Bar Roll Swing Feel


Outside Picking


Rhythm Anchored And Floating Tk1


Rhythm Anchored And Floating Tk2


Rhythm Anchored And Floating Tk3


Rhythm Arpeggios Floating


Root Position Roll


Save This Heart


Syncopated Rolls


Watson Roll


White Freightliner Blues


Wildwood Flower


Wildwood Flower Swing