Clips (48)

Be Wind Melody


Be Wind My Friend


Bendy Trem Tk1


Bendy Trem Tk2


Big Bends


Canyon Chords


Chicken Little


Clean Canyons


Clean Halen


Clean Space Tk1


Clean Space Tk2


Compressor Crunch


Crunch Drive


Crunch Levels




Frog Arpeggios


Frog Lead


Frog Rhythm


Frog Solo


Hybrid Bends


Hybrid Hollow


Hybrid Improv Tk1


Partial Picking Demonstration Long


Partial Picking Demonstration Short


Partial Picking Improv


Partial Picking Improv Tk2


Partial Picking Sixes


Partial Picking Speed Tk1


Partial Picking Speed Tk2


Partial Picking Speed Tk3


Phasey Quack


Position Shift Improv


Pure Crunch


Pushed Clean


Rolled Back Clean Tk1


Rolled Back Clean Tk2


Sad Trem Tk1


Sad Trem Tk2


Scale Ascending


Scale Descending Medley


Scale Descending Tk1


Scale Descending Tk2


Scale Positions


Scale Positions Short


Sharp Harmonic


Stealing From The Neighbors Tk1


Stealing From The Neighbors Tk2


Tremmy Space