Clips (27)

Diminished 4nps


Diminished 4nps Skip


Diminished Skip Fours - tk1


Diminished Skip Fours - tk2


Economy in G


Holdsworth-Gilbert Fusion


Hybrid Arpeggio V-I


Hybrid Diminished Crawl


Hybrid Gilbert


Hybrid Triad Arpeggio


Inside Gilbert


Major Sweep Arpeggio


Melodic Minor Dominants


Phrygian Dominant Cadence


Phrygian Dominant Hybrid


Phrygian Dominant Sweep Fours


Phrygian Triplets


Polytonal Sweep Arpeggios


Rolling Arpeggios


Rolling Arpeggios Polytonal


Sevens and Fours


Sevens and Threes - tk1


Sevens and Threes - tk2


Stacked Gilberts


The Lydian Shape


The Mystery Thing


Two-String Arpeggio Roll