Links to share? Technique questions? Looking for feedback?

Sign up for an account on our site, then head to the Cracking the Code Forum. It’s a great place to talk technique, post a link to a video of your playing for feedback from the community, and get answers to your questions on music and technique.

Need to contact us directly?

Please send us an email at support [AT] troygrady [DOT] com.

Please note:

  • We can’t diagnose issues in your playing technique over email. If you have questions, our forum is the best place to talk about these things! You should also consider becoming a Masters in Mechanics member to get access to all the learning material on our site.  Our generous scholarship program is available if you have financial constraints.
  • Feel free to send us links, feedback, and other suggestions, but please don’t send us video attachments. If you’d like to share a video of your playing for feedback, the best approach is to create a Technique Critique on the platform.


—Troy and the Cracking the Code Team