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Introducing the Cracking the Code T-Shirt!

By May 28, 2015 September 13th, 2018 News

This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and we’ve finally figured out a great way to do it! We’re working with Printful, an on-demand printing company with awesome ecommerce integration.

Three styles to choose from, one classic Code logo!

Three styles to choose from, one rocking Cracking the Code logo!

We have three styles to choose from. They each incorporate the awesome Code logo — the ultimate evocation of mechanical-meets-musical! — and are designed like a concert tee. Each shirt you buy helps support production of the show.

We have two styles of the short-sleeve tee. One is 100% cotton, which won’t stretch and won’t dramatically shrink when you wash it, and is a slim- to moderate-fitting shirt. The other is a premium tri-blend (polyester + cotton + rayon). It’s lightweight, a bit stretchy, and super-soft, like an old vintage tee, and is more of a charcoal than a pure black. Finally, we have a long-sleeve version of the 100% cotton tee. These are all American Apparel shirts so if you’ve worn them before you know what to expect!

You can order as many as you like, in any size, short- or long-sleeved. Click the links below to take a look!

UPDATE: We don’t currently have the t-shirts for sale, but will try to get them up in the new store soon!