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Masters in Mechanics: Cascade

By March 30, 2015News

Our latest Masters in Mechanics seminar, “Cascade”, is an incredible 6-hour investigation that explores the ethereal guitar genius of Eric Johnson.

Along the way, we completely demystify his flowing multi-position pentatonic wizardry, glittering harmonic arpeggios, use of downward pickslanting, sweeping, the “bounce technique”, and more. We go frame by frame through his landmark 1988 Austin City Limits Performance to analyze numerous signature phrases, and take a special look at his two classic instructional videos, Total Electric Guitar and The Fine Art of Guitar.

Cascade features:

  • A whopping 35 chapters of video investigation
  • Massive download pack with over 100 slow-motion clips
  • Complete tablature for all clips in Guitar Pro and PDF formats
  • 45 pages of detailed performance notes

Two ways to watch the complete seminar:

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