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Masters in Mechanics: Inside the Volcano Digital

The second Masters in Mechanics Seminar is now available for download!

By February 4, 2015 September 13th, 2018 News
Despite launching a wave of interest in three-note-per-string scale playing, the irony of Yngwie’s system is that it lends itself much more naturally to unusual asymmetrical groupings — like sevens.

February’s Masters in Mechanics seminar is here!

Inside the Volcano is the ultimate investigation of the Yngwie Malmsteen picking technique — and the ultimate introduction to downward pickslanting.

In the seminar, we examine a trove of fascinating historical footage of the master, and demystify piles of his trademark phrases.

It’s a whopping four hours (and five minutes!) of lecture, plus a massive download pack with over 100 slow-motion clips. If you’re a Masters in Mechanics subscriber, you already have access. Inside the Volcano is also available as a standalone purchase.

It Ain’t Just Yngwie

The majority of our time is spent elaborating Yngwie’s sophisticated solution for string switching: the five rules we elaborate in the Volcano episode of Season 2.

The system that results from these five simple rules is surprisingly sophisticated and powerful, and although it means abiding by the constraints of an overarching structure, it paradoxically grants tremendous freedom to play an incredible array of amazing things.

We also take a look at Yngwie’s fascinating system of motion mechanics. Historically, we’ve tended to evaluate picking techniques by what we can see across the room: wrist, elbow, and so on. These observations never solved the accuracy problem, but they’re important nevertheless. In particular, Yngwie’s rotational alternate picking mechanic is easy to use and worth a look for anyone interested in experimenting with a flexible and efficient method of moving the pick at high speed.

And it’s not just Yngwie. Inside the Volcano is an incredible introduction to the world of downward pickslanting. DWPS isn’t just an angle, it’s an entire system, and it’s the key to unlocking the mechanical genius of so many legendary players: George Benson, Django Reinhardt, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, and so many more.

The DWPS Pack

Here’s a look at a classic Yngwie single-string lick from the song “Evil Eye”. Like all Yngwie’s ingenious creations, it sounds cool and makes for a fantastic motion mechanic exercise.

Introducing the DWPS Pack: the ultimate “getting started” manual for Cracking the Code Season Pass holders!

The DWPS Pack is a six-chapter, one-hour introductory seminar that covers all the fundamentals: hand synchronization, pickslanting, string switching, string tracking, anchoring, motion mechanics, and more.

It includes answers to many of the questions we’ve been asked since launching Season 2, and it’s adapted from our amazing four-hour Inside the Volcano seminar.

Free with your Season Pass, the DWPS Pack includes 55 minutes of lecture, 20 slow-mo clips, tablature, and performance notes.

UPDATE: The Seasons Pass has evolved and is now the Pickslanting Primer! It’s available both as download and with Masters in Mechanics subscription. Click below to check it out!


  • JimV says:

    The DWPS is great. It definitely filled in some gaps for me. Thanks!

  • Anton says:

    Hi Troy!
    Is there a difference in the content of the seminars if you’re subscribing vs purchasing the download?
    Thank you for an actual life changing revelation! 🙂 // Anton

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      Hey Anton — nope, the content of the seminars is the same whether you subscribe or purchase one individually.

      The higher price point of the downloads on these first two (Volcano and Antigravity) reflects how much material is included — 4 hours of video, tons of video/tablature, etc. — but we wanted to kick it off with a couple really awesome seminars at a great value for subscribers

      The only other difference is that with the subscription, you only get the complete downloadable version of the seminars starting in the month you subscribe — we’re making previous seminars available to stream though, so you’d still have access to an on-demand “library” of previous ones.

      Thanks, and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • john pleuss says:

        So if i purchase a subsciption i still can view the whole inside the volcano on demand with the tablature i just dont get the download?

        • Brendan Schlagel says:

          Hi John — yep, that’s right. The subscription gives you streaming access to previous seminars, as well as the downloads (tabs etc.) that accompany those seminars.

          • Miguel Barrosa says:

            Hi Brendan.

            I’ve just bought the monthly subscription (so, my subscription starts with the “Cascade” seminar) after directly buying “Anti Gravity” and “Inside the Volcano”. On these last two products I was able to download the videos for the various chapters where Troy talks about the various topics, plus the exercise packs. However, on the “Cascade” seminar I’m only able to download the exercise pack, there’s not an option to download the 35 chapters of the seminar. Is this normal?

            Miguel Barrosa

            • Brendan Schlagel says:

              Hi Miguel — you should see a link in your Gumroad receipt to the downloadable version of Cascade. Basically this setup lets us keep streaming versions of all seminars attached to the “Masters in Mechanics” product, while separating out the downloadable version of each seminar as a standalone product. (So with each new seminar, we’ll send you a link to get the downloadable version). Shoot us an email if you have any trouble accessing that and I can send you the link again directly 🙂

            • Miguel Barrosa says:

              Thanks Brendan. Got it!

  • Kyle says:

    The DWPS pack is very cool. It’s helpful to have a relatively small and focused set of exercises to work on and principles to keep in mind. I’ve been playing guitar for fourteen years, but I’ve definitely got impatient and tried to run before I can walk in a few key areas. That’s the blessing and the curse of discovering a player like John Petrucci as a beginning guitar player, I guess. A quick, basics-related question: are there any instructional materials out there that Troy or anyone else on the team has personally found helpful for developing the fretting hand?

  • Guillaume Jockey says:

    Hi Troy ,

    I’m a 32 y.o guitar player from Paris , France, and I’ve been playing since the age of 12 . Just wanted to congratulate you for your AMAZING job : I’ve purchased “Inside the Volcano” which is a real masterpiece in the world of guitar instructional videos , I’ve never seen such an in depth analysis of Yngwie’s playing in my whole life ! Like you , I remember the day when I bought the Yngwie’s REH video , considering it as the mighty book of secrets , and , on the other side , how “disappointed” I was when I realized I still couldn’t REALLY understand the picking mechanics of the Maestro…So I switched to “real” alternate picking with guys like Gilbert and Petrucci , and became a quite descent guitar player in playing that way . BUT, I was still frustrated ’cause I still couldn’t understand how my favorite guitar hero (YJM) played his stuffs …
    So , I just wanted to say “THANK YOU TROY” for this tutorial ! However , I just have one request : could you please analyse for us the Yngwie’s “ostinatos” , like for example the typical lick he plays in the”Perpetual” main theme at 1:02 , which is one of his favorite “tricks” and I’m still not sure about the way he picks this kind of licks , thanks by advance !

    PS : As I said I’m french so ,sorry for my english 😉


  • Smithf483 says:

    I’ve been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your site? gdadecbakgebdced

  • JD says:

    Hi Brendan,

    I’m a season pass holder and interested in both the EJ Cascade and Yngwie Volcano seminars.

    However, the way I understand it is if I purchase a subsciption now I can only downlad the EJ Cascade and not the Yngwie Volcano. My internet speed and laptop isn’t the best, so streaming video doesn’t work that well. I normally download my season pass content and that works out better for me.

    I’m tempted to try the $15 subscription so I can at least download the EJ Cascade, because I can’t afford the $70 download option. Though I hate having to cancel a subscription, if it doesn’t work out for me. If I had understood it better I would have signed up last month, so I could at least get both downloads.

    Thanks, JD

    • Brendan Schlagel says:

      Hi JD, thanks for the note. I saw that Troy replied and you were able to sign up for MM — hope it’s working out okay and you’re able to stream the seminars & download the rest of the files. Shoot us a note if you have any problems or further questions!


      • JD says:

        Hi Brendan,
        Thanks for the reply and Troy did email. I signed up for the subscription and was able to download the EJ Cascade seminar and do see the other available files.

        My problem still persists viewing the the streaming video portion that I can’t download like the Yngwie seminar even at 480p, I know the issues are on my end with my internet speed/laptop setup making the video choppy and sometimes out of sync.

        I really do like the content and you guys done a great job on everything.

        Thanks, JD

  • Jason M. says:

    I was ready and excited to subscribe to Masters in Mechanics but I too have crappy streaming access. I’m glad I found this post because I did not read the FAQ carefully enough. I thought I would be able to download the previous Yngwie / Cascade seminars if I subscribed. I can afford to maintain a subscription, but can’t afford the extra $140 for download access.
    Thanks, Jason M

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