Michael Angelo Batio 2017 Live Interview

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Our second meeting with Michael Angelo Batio, a live interview ranging from technique to Mike’s musical career.

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The amazing Michael Angelo Batio stopped by the Cracking the Code studio in March 2017 for a live stream with our new broadcast rig.

In this wide ranging conversation, we discuss Mike’s history in bands like Holland and Nitro, his career as a solo artist, and of course his inimitable technique. Heading into his incredible fifth decade of terrorizing the frets, Mike’s technique has lost none of its trademark fire and precision, and seeing it live and in such detail is as ever a source of wonder and inspiration.

The interview comes with 22 slow motion musical example clips, and complete tablature in Guitar Pro and PDF.

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Michael Angelo Batio 2017 Interview
Michael Angelo Batio 2017 - Clips.zip
Michael Angelo Batio 2017 - Clips - Slow.zip
Michael Angelo Batio 2017 - Clips - Tablature - GPX.zip
Michael Angelo Batio 2017 - Clips - Tablature - PDF.zip
Michael Angelo Batio 2017 - Clips - Tablature - GP.zip


Interview Commentary

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