Andy Wood Bundle

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Can you ever have too much Andy Wood? In this bundle, get interview after interview of Andy’s multi-instrumental magnificence.

Andy Wood Interview

Two hours of amazing mandolin and guitar pickin', served up with heaps of style and musicality, and a hefty helping of Andy's irresistible southern charm.

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Andy Wood Acoustic Interview

A spectacular showcase of acoustic prowess, and a treat for aspiring multi-instrumentalists.

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Andy Wood Workshop

A doubleheader of live technique workshops with the amazing Andy Wood, showcasing his multi-instrumentalist talents on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mandolin.

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Andy Wood is a rare triple threat player, delivering down-home deliciousness on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mandolin. This bundle includes all three of our jam-packed interviews with Andy — each of them basically double features in their own right.

The Original Andy Wood Interview

Our first Andy Wood interview is two hours of amazing mandolin and guitar pickin’, served up with heaps of style and musicality, and a hefty helping of Andy’s irresistible southern charm. The number of tasty musical examples is so plentiful we eventually had to tell him to stop playing, or we’d spend the rest of the year writing tablature for all of it. As it is, this interview contains over 160 musical examples!

Not only that, but we’ve got a guest host on board in the form of the awesome Ben Eller. It was in fact Ben who originally suggested we meet with Andy, so it was only fitting that he lend a voice to this investigation of Andy’s crosspicking and hybrid picking magic.

Andy Wood Acoustic Interview

Our second interview with Andy Wood is an in-depth investigation of acoustic prowess, and a master class for all players seeking a better understanding of two-way pickslanting and crosspicking.

When we conducted our first interview with Andy, we didn’t know what we were going to see. After getting a look at the wide variety of things he does mechanically, we wanted to ask him some more pointed questions. At two hours, the new interview is filled with targeted discussion of Andy’s killer array of movements.

In particular, we thought it would be informative to watch Andy play the same pieces on both acoustic guitar and mandolin. What resulted is a unique look at three timeless bluegrass standards played with similar arrangements on both instruments: Whiskey Before Breakfast, Jerusalem Ridge, and Red-Haired Boy. This acoustic interview comes with over 140 musical examples.

Andy Wood Acoustic Workshops

Andy dropped by the studio for two days of live broadcasts, question and answer sessions, and hands-on exploration of his favorite torture devices: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and mandolin.

There is a common foundation of picking motions across all his chosen instruments: the wrist. Andy’s devastatingly rapid wrist deviation pickslanting technique enables Paul Gilbert-style scalar sprints across the strings, and his fluid supinated crosspicking technique takes care of more complex phrases that wind their way in between the strings.

For this meeting, we deployed the Magnet for a closeup look at all these mechanics on electric and acoustic guitar. And we debuted a headstock camera on Andy’s mandolin to capture a wider view of his technique that includes a view of his forearm setup and motion. And, yes, more musical examples — another 150 of them! That makes 450 total for the bundle!

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