The Kickstarter Version

Thanks so much for backing the Magnet on Kickstarter! It was a long road, but with your support we were able to build a professional-level product for everyone.

Since shipping the Kickstarter Magnets, we’ve made a couple small changes to make the Magnet even better. Here’s a quick overview of the modifications, including instructions for outfitting your Kickstarter Magnet with the latest upgrades:


We no longer ship felt foot pads with the Magnet. The Magnet doesn’t apply pressure to the instrument body, so the pads don’t offer any meaningful protection — they just eat up available height for gripping the neck. For maximum grip, we recommend not installing the pads.

The grips on the Kickstarter Magnet don’t extend to the bottom of the Magnet, so you lose a little grip area. This can reduce grip on guitars with very little fretboard above the body. The grips on the currently shipping Magnet are extended, so that they are flush with the Magnet’s feet.

To address this, you can install the included adapters so that they are flush with the Magnet’s feet, which eliminates the gap. Note that the adapters reduce the maximum mountable neck width, so the Magnet may no longer fit seven-string guitars.

For compatibility with wider necks, you can install the updated grips from the latest Magnet. They extend to the Magnet’s feet without reducing the mountable width. If you don’t see these in the store, simply contact us at [email protected].