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Poll! Which Pick Do You Use?

By Polls 80 Comments

It’s one of the most fundamental and personal gear choices of all: the pick you use. And we want to know what the most popular of those choices really are. So let’s find out! Take our pick choice poll, and let us know your preferred plectral attributes.

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What's Your Pick Grip? Take the Poll!

By Polls 31 Comments

Welcome to another Cracking the Code Poll, where you get to help us get a handle on picking technique, and view the results as they roll in. In this one, we’re asking about pick grip. In other words, we’d like to know how you hold the pick, and also what your setup is for the other fingers that are not directly involved in the grip itself. Read More

What's Your Maximum Picking Speed? Take the Poll!

By Polls 17 Comments

Just what is “average” picking speed? It’s such a simple question, you’d think the answer would be common knowledge. And while each of us probably has a subjective sense of when things sound “fast” to us, the fact remains that the concept of what the average player should be capable of isn’t well defined. So let’s try and find out! Let’s take a poll. Read More