Moving Fast, Moving Forward!

Wrapping Up Season One — and More to Come

Behind the Scenes: Rock Concert Regenesis

Building Fantastical Spaces with Motion Graphics

Behind the Scenes:
Envisioning the Arpeggio Mystery

Steve Vai:
The Crossroads Intimidation Breakdown

Cracking the Code

Across three seasons, and more than five hours of in-depth historical and mechanical analysis, the puzzle of plectrum dominance is expounded, unraveled, and finally mastered.


You'll believe a hand can fly.

Cracking the Code is a groundbreaking documentary series that explores the puzzle of virtuoso guitar picking. The show’s three seasons chart thousands of hours of research, across nearly three decades, in pursuit of an elusive formula for plectrum dominion. Melding archival footage, in-depth interviews, painstakingly crafted animation, and custom soundtrack, it’s a pop-science investigation of an age-old mystery: Why are some players seemingly super-powered?

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Moving Fast, Moving Forward

Brendan Schlagel | Uncategorized | 1 Comment
Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday — or at least just last decade — that Cracking the Code first seeped into your consciousness, blazing riffs and whispers of picking secrets...
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Behind the Scenes: Envisioning the Arpeggio Mystery

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In the Arpeggio Mystery, we explore the difficulties a person is likely to encounter reverse engineering Yngwie Malmsteen’s arpeggio-based solos in a world populated by jagged trees, wolves shrouded in...
Behind the Scenes: Rock Concert Regenesis

Behind the Scenes: Rock Concert Regenesis

Brendan Schlagel | Uncategorized | No Comments
Let’s go back to November 19, 1990, to a mid-size concert venue on the edge of campus in a college town on the eastern seaboard…back to one rocking night at...
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Licks and Truth: Episode 7 Goes Live!

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The dog may not have eaten our homework, but we did have to chase him around the yard for a week to get it back! Episode 7, “Lix et Veritas”,...