Introducing: Masters in Mechanics Antigravity

A quantum leap in the understanding of picking technique

Masters in Mechanics

A fantastic voyage across the universe of guitar picking technique

Season 2 Goes Live!

Watch the premiere episode, "Get Down for the Upstroke" and learn more about the secrets of Yngwie's picking technique

Introducing: Cracking the Code Season 2

Learn more about Season 2 in this exciting overview

Down Around the World

An introduction to the universal power of downward pickslanting

The Code Archive

Unlocking an instructional and inspirational treasure trove

Unplugged and Overcranked

Going Acoustic at 120 Frames Per Second


You'll believe a hand can fly.

Cracking the Code is a groundbreaking documentary series that explores the puzzle of virtuoso guitar picking. The show’s three seasons chart thousands of hours of research, across nearly three decades, in pursuit of an elusive formula for plectrum dominion. Melding archival footage, in-depth interviews, painstakingly crafted animation, and custom soundtrack, it’s a pop-science investigation of an age-old mystery: Why are some players seemingly super-powered?

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Season 2 Arrives!

The premiere episode of Season 2 unlocks the box of advanced technique with a startling breakthrough in replicating Yngwie’s legendary ability.

Join us for an incredible 8-episode journey through the techniques of legends like Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Shawn Lane, Michael Angelo Batio, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and more.

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Introducing: Masters in Mechanics Antigravity!

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Today we’re proudly launching the second Masters in Mechanics seminar! It’s called Antigravity. And it’s all about breaking the rules. Season 2 Pass holder? Take $10 off, on us! Reimagining…

Derryl Gabel at the Vinyl 2013

Derryl Gabel: Interview with a Modern Virtuoso

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Eddie Van Halen reinvigorated ’80s rock guitar with a double shot of blazing energy and subversive creativity. In the process, he kickstarted a kind of breathless arms race in guitar…


Introducing Masters in Mechanics

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Today we’re launching an amazing new way to learn about picking technique. It’s called Masters in Mechanics, and it’s something we’re really excited to offer — in fact it builds…


Down Around the World

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Bruce Lee’s famous exhortation to be like water may just as well have been directed at guitar players. The first of Season 2′s revelations, downward pickslanting, is shapeless and formless….