Why Are Some Players Seemingly Super-Powered?

The acclaimed Cracking the Code project melds archival footage, in-depth interviews, animations, and advanced video analysis to solve the puzzle of virtuoso guitar picking.

We have two paths to choose from — each following a clear, chronological sequence that makes it easy to learn.

Cracking the Code

Now in its second season, Cracking the Code is a technical detective story of unprecedented scope. Each episode takes on the incredible precision and fluidity of legends like Yngwie, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, and more.

Episodes are free to watch on YouTube — but with the Season Pass, Cracking the Code goes from acclaimed web series to comprehensive course, complete with tablature, slow-mo video, and performance notes to illustrate and explain every concept.

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Masters in Mechanics

Masters in Mechanics is our subscription series of advanced, in-depth technical investigations into the art and science of guitar technique. Even more comprehensive than the show, it takes the Cracking the Code investigation and cranks it up to 11.

Want ridiculously detailed seminars, awesome interviews, and hundreds of videos and tablature downloads? Look no further: that’s Masters in Mechanics. Subscribers get new material each month plus streaming access to our entire library.

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See what people are saying about Cracking the Code:

"After playing for over 18 years and always struggling with alternate picking (I was never clean enough and could never repeat the same phrase without mistakes) I stumbled upon your video about downward pick slanting and it really opened my eyes. I got your season 2 pass and the licks are awesome exercises, especially because of the demonstration and the tabs that denote the pick direction. For the first time in about 4-6 years I have the motivation that I actually learn can pick clean and fast. Keep up the good work and I'll be awaiting your next videos eagerly!!"

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"The quality of both the presentation and of the content itself is unparalleled in my previous YouTube experience...I greatly enjoy — and am extremely impressed with — your detailed mechanical analyses…The insights you have presented are already helping to improve my picking ability, and for that I am very grateful."

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"Most creative, refreshing guitar pedagogy I have seen in years."

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"I rarely post comments for anything. But this video series is a revelation...for the past two days I've been practicing patterns which change strings when my pick stroke is in the correct direction. That single idea has unlocked speed and accuracy I didn't know I had."

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"There's a billion great instructors on YouTube, and I've seen most of them. But you might be the absolute best. Both analysis and presentation is world class. Thank you so much for this."

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"Wow, this method of teaching is so far above any other video I've ever seen. Much more efficient, interesting, immersive and fun to watch. This is fantastic! Too many great things to mention!"

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"You've done it man. What you're doing here is something that's been absolutely absent and lacking in the rock guitar arena of ongoing education and analysis. This is everything I've needed and wanted as a player since I was a teen. Thank you SO much. I'm sharing this with all of my guitar friends."

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"Troy, this is OUTSTANDING stuff. Definitely signing up for the full series...these few videos have utterly transformed my playing."

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"I tried the pick slanting last night and I have INSTANTLY noticed a significant speed difference...I no longer feel like my pick is stuck in mud. It doesn't feel as awkward as I anticipated. Who knew that such a small mechanical change in conjunction with even note chunking would have such immediate benefits?! Incredible."

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