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Getting Great Live Interview Audio

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As an example of what we have to do to get a great sound mix in our interviews, take a look at the above screenshot. We’re editing an interview I did with Martin Miller on improvision. He’s on guitar, I’m on keys. All in the same room. I’m going through the whole thing manually as I edit, clamping down his mic to only when he talks and only when I talk. I can’t use automatic ducking like we do during live broadcasts like the Batio thing, because he sometimes talks and plays at the same time, and so do I. Read More

Saturday, March 4, 1pm EST: Live Cracking the Code Broadcast with Michael Angelo Batio!

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We’ve got a special event this weekend: a live video interview with Michael Angelo Batio!

For months we’ve been working on improving our live streaming video setup. We’d like to be able to host more interviews in-house and even livestream some of them, in the highest possible quality. Technology has come a long way in the last few years, and we’ve now got an incredible, broadcast quality setup.

So, how are we going to test drive this thing? We’re excited to report that none other than Michael Angelo Batio will be stopping by our Brooklyn studio this Saturday at 1pm EST to give our new live broadcast rig a spin.

It’s been just about ten years since we’ve sat down with Mike, and we’ve learned so much in the interim. It will be cool talk to him again about his playing, get an even better look at it with our latest equipment, and ask him about things we didn’t even know about when we first met.

Even better, we’ll be set up to take some calls live!

The process for this is simple: just mail your questions to We’ll reply to selected questions with a link that will allow you to call in during the event, directly through your browser. So, if you have any questions you’re burning to ask Mike, get them ready now!

And not to worry if you can’t make it. Due to the limitations of physics, there is no way to film in slow motion and broadcast in regular speed. So the good news is that we’ll be doing our usual edit on any Magnet footage we capture, and Masters in Mechanics subscribers will get a download of the new material as soon as we have it.

Here’s the link to the live event on YouTube. Bookmark this and add it to your calendar — once again, we’re going live Saturday, March 4, 1pm EST.

If you’re on our mailing list, we’ll also send you a reminder just before we go live. If you’re not already on the list, you can sign up here. See you Saturday!

Poll! Which Pick Do You Use?

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It’s one of the most fundamental and personal gear choices of all: the pick you use. And we want to know what the most popular of those choices really are. So let’s find out! Take our pick choice poll, and let us know your preferred plectral attributes.

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Pickslanting Primer Giveaway

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We’re giving away 10 free copies of the Cracking the Code Pickslanting Primer!

To enter, just drop off your email below. We’ll be picking 10 viewers at random, and will send a notification to the winners next week. Whether you win or lose (and in our eyes, everyone’s a winner) we’d like to thank you for watching Cracking the Code.

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What's Your Pick Grip? Take the Poll!

By | Polls | 29 Comments

Welcome to another Cracking the Code Poll, where you get to help us get a handle on picking technique, and view the results as they roll in. In this one, we’re asking about pick grip. In other words, we’d like to know how you hold the pick, and also what your setup is for the other fingers that are not directly involved in the grip itself. Read More

What's Your Maximum Picking Speed? Take the Poll!

By | Polls | 12 Comments

Just what is “average” picking speed? It’s such a simple question, you’d think the answer would be common knowledge. And while each of us probably has a subjective sense of when things sound “fast” to us, the fact remains that the concept of what the average player should be capable of isn’t well defined. So let’s try and find out! Let’s take a poll. Read More