Manufacturing the Magnet

The Magnet is our custom-designed mount for using smartphones to film picking technique.

It’s our most essential tool for understanding picking technique, but right now it only exists as a prototype. We’d love to manufacture these on a larger scale, but first we need to get a sense of how many of you out there would even want something like this. The upfront costs are high, and we can’t proceed without a critical mass of demand.

If we’re able to manufacture these, would you buy one? Help us out by answering in the poll below!

Features of the Magnet

  • Best way to get a close-up, slow-mo look at picking technique to better understand how these movements actually work
  • Works with just about any modern smartphone
  • Fits both 6 and 7 string guitars — and mandolin with adaptor pads
  • GoPro adaptor can allow simultaneous filming of both hands
  • Needs no computer — review slow-motion videos directly on the phone
  • Combine with our existing lesson material to diagnose your own technique

This poll is now closed — thanks for your feedback!

If you’d like to send us any additional thoughts on what would make you likely to buy a Magnet, please let us know!