Two-Way Pickslanting: Further Resources

Al Di Meola Lesson: Mechanics for Mixed Fingerings (Masters in Mechanics Antigravity, Chapter 20)

This lesson investigates the incredible mechanical independence of Al Di Meola.
This chapter, and the two below, are excerpted from our 4+ hour, 25 chapter Masters in Mechanics “Antigravity” seminar — the most sophisticated investigation of alternate picking in the galaxy.

Vinnie Moore Lesson: Pepsi & Picking (Masters in Mechanics Antigravity, Chapter 19)

30 years later, Vinnie’s Pepsi lick still rocks! In this chapter of Antigravity, we take a look at the amazing Vinnie Moore and his legendary precision.

Paul Gilbert Lesson: The Truth About Inside & Outside Picking (Masters in Mechanics Antigravity, Chapter 24)

In this lesson, we explore Paul Gilbert’s technique and the concepts of inside and outside picking.

Eric Johnson Lesson: The Fine Art of Guitar (Masters in Mechanics Cascade, Chapter 20)

Let’s take a look at a classic scene from Eric Johnson’s second Hot Licks instructional video.
This is one of over 30 chapters from our Masters in Mechanics “Cascade” seminar, which explores the ethereal guitar genius of Eric Johnson and his unique interpretation of the downward pickslanting system.