You can get to every part of the Cracking the Code platform from one centralized location: the Dashboard. Conveniently, it’s also the site homepage. On the Dashboard, we’ve tried to make the most commonly used features of our site reachable with the least amount of clicking.

Lessons & Interviews

At the of the Dashboard, you’ll find all our lesson sections — interviews, seminars, and more. We’ll walk through what each of these sections contains in just a moment.


Just below the lesson sections, you’ll find links to four core site features: the Forum, the Live Studio, Bookmarks, and Support. Our Forum is powered by the modern Discourse platform, and we’ll cover it on its own in just a moment.

Live Studio

If a live broadcast is in session, you’ll find it in Live Studio. If no event is active, you’ll instead see a list of recent and upcoming events.


Save a page for future reference, and find a quick link to it here. Masters in Mechanics subscribers will also find a bookmarks link in the site-wide navigation toolbar at the top of the screen.


If you need help, click the “Support” link from the dashboard and send us a note. Our response time is usually within one business day during the week.

News & Events

Further down the page, in the newsfeed section, you’ll find a selection of recent blog posts and live events.

Going Home

Finally, you can return to the Dashboard from anywhere on the site simply by clicking “Cracking the Code” logo in the upper left of the screen.