Chapter 10 - Choosing A Grip

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Now that you’ve finished the Pick Grip section, it’s time to try all the grips and choose the one that feels right for you.

As we’ve seen, there’s a wide variety of grips that can work well, and if you already have one you like, you can go ahead and keep using it!

If you’re trying to decide on a grip, a lot of this comes down to what feels natural, and how the grip interacts with other aspects of your technique, which we’ll get into more later.

No need to commit to one grip for life. For now, choose one that’s common and comfortable, and let’s continue on to learn more about picking motions!


  • Describe an extended finger grip
  • Describe a side-finger grip
  • Attempt extended and side-finger grips of each picking motion
  • Identify the pick grip that you’re currently using, or, if you’re just getting started, demo all the ones we’ve discussed and see which comes most naturally to you